AMAA on Inequalities of Aging: Paradoxes of Independence in American Home Care

Questions developed by the members of CU Denver’s ANTH4600/5600, S2021: Kaylynn Aiona, Delilah Chavarria, Darcy Copeland, Keaton Green, Ari Jones, Caitlin Konchan, Chris Kuelling, Kuba Kwiecinski, Rosa Lawrence, Destinee Murray, Alexa Powell, Benin Rahma, George Sanchez, Emma Vittetoe, Renee Watson, and Abby Welch

Instructor’s note: Reading “Inequalities of Aging” during an ongoing pandemic and struggles for racial justice lent Elana


Ask-Me-Almost-Anything (AMAA): Centering Student Engagement with Ethnographic Monographs

“Why is this a book?” The student who volunteered this question during a class discussion could not have known how meaningful – and unsettling – I found the earnest query. Their curiosity, I think, stemmed from the observation that each of the chapters could have existed independently as articles. They were also interested in whether anthropologists typically embraced other formats …


Understated, not overlooked

A Simpler Life: Synthetic Biological Experiments

Talia Dan-Cohen

Cornell University Press, 2021. 174 pages.

First, take a self-consciously self-aggrandizing area of bioengineering, “synthetic biology,” which was said to aim at nothing less than “the design and construction of novel life-forms” (Dan-Cohen, p.12), an apparently clear claim made by those with a platform from which to make it, one that is in …

In the Journals

In the Journals, October 2021, Part 2

Social Studies of Science

Cultivated co-production: Sexual health, human rights, and the revision of the ICD
Steven Epstein

STS scholars frequently have shown how science and sociopolitical arrangements are ‘co-produced’, typically tracing how scientific actors themselves keep ‘science’ and ‘politics’ far apart. Revealing co-production is therefore deemed the work of the STS analyst, who unearths linkages that the actors might …


Foreign Correspondents: Call for Reviewers

This article is part of the series:

The past two years have made us realize, more than ever, the importance of creating means of contacting and understanding each other and finding ways of connecting the local and global levels. To that end, we are relaunching the book review series “Foreign Correspondents.” The idea behind this series is to provide a forum for English language reviews of important …


Intersections of Political Power, Religion, and Public Health in Africa: Covid-19, Tanzanian President Magufuli, and Nigerian Prophet T. B. Joshua

This article is part of the series:

This is the final piece in the Contested Truths series, which has been edited by Jia Hui Lee, Laura A. Meek, and Jacob Katumusiime Mwine-Kyarimpa. This series analyzes the manufacturing, circulation, and interpretation of contested truths over Covid-19 in Africa, including the ways in which official, institutional, and/or scientific facts and recommendations about COVID-19 are challenged, ignored, or subverted

In the Journals

African Cultural Psychiatry: Special issue of Transcultural Psychiatry

Sociocultural contexts of mental illness experience among Africans (open access)
Akin Ojagbemi, Oye Gureje

Even though mental disorders can be found in every culture globally, the lived experience, expression of associated distress, and interpretation as evidence of deviance from acceptable norms are influenced by social and cultural context (Kirmayer, 2001). Hence, the context of mental illness experience should be a key …

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