The Foucault audio archive

At Anthropology of the Contemporary Research Collaboratory, Paul Rabinow has announced the posting of a number of lectures and other audio files on the Michel Foucault Audio Archive–hosted by the UC Berkeley Library.

The audio files include four year-long courses which Foucault gave during his tenure at the Collège de France (all of these are in French): “Il faut défendre la société,” 1976; “Sécurité, territoire, population,” 1978; “Naissance de la biopolitique,” 1979; “Gouvernement de soi et des autres,” 1983. (An enterprising blogger at the Foucault blog has also found a fourth set of lectures, from 1984, which are, for some reason, not linked to on the Archive’s page).

All of these lectures have now been published in French, and most of them translated into English as well. There are a number of additional materials in English: two series of lectures Foucault gave at Berkeley, and several recordings of conversations between Rabinow, Foucault and others which took place at Berkeley as well.

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