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In the journals this month: Chinese medicine, borderline personality and nightmares

A brief update of what’s in the most recent issues of anthropology journals:

Medical Anthropology: Cross-Cultural Studies in Health and Illness has a special issue out on Globalizing Chinese Medicine. Elisabeth Hsu examines Chinese “propriety medicines” under the rubric of “alternative modernities.” Linda Barnes writes on North American clinicians’ decisions to practice Chinese medicine. Mei Zhan traces the transformation and commodification of Chinese medicine in to a type of preventative medicine.

A special section in Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry, guest edited by Devon Hinton, examines the nightmares of trauma victims, with articles by Hinton and colleagues; Jeffrey Jacobson; Douglas Hollan; Laurence Kirmayer; and Jesse Grayman, Mary-Jo Delvecchio Good and Byron Good.

The new issue of AE includes at least three articles of interest to our readers: “Anticipating and inhabiting institutional identities” by Summerson Carr, “Nuri’s testimony: HIV/AIDS in Indonesia and bare knowledge” by Tom Boellstorff and “A new form of collaboration in cultural anthropology: Matsutake worlds” by the Matsutake Worlds Research Group.

Finally, Current Anthropology has a very interesting looking article by Rebecca Lester, titled “Brokering Authenticity: Borderline Personality Disorder and the Ethics of Care in an American Eating Disorder Clinic,” with comments from Katherine Pratt Ewing, Helen Gremillion, Janis Jenkins, Suzanne Kirschner, Tanya Luhrmann and Charles Nuckolls.

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