Web Roundups

Med anthro on the blogs

Trance Captured on Video, Neuroanthropology
Daniel Lende follows up on a listserv discussion with links to online video of trance and possession states. At Mind Hacks, Vaughan Bell supplements the list with some useful literature and additional links.

Tribute to Cecil Helman, Medical Humanities
In memory of the author of the immensely popular introductory textbook to medical anthropology, Culture, Health and Illness.

Care-Giving and the Moral Impoverishment of Medicine, Project Syndicate
Arthur Kleinman writes movingly about his own experiences as care-giver for his wife, and about the absence of training for and reflection on care-giving in contemporary biomedical education.

On Clinical Anthropologists, Medical Humanities Blog
Daniel Goldberg raises the question of why there are so few medical anthropologists working in clinical settings–not necessarily in a research capacity, but involved in helping to improve care for patients.

Are countries that ratify human rights treatises more healthy than others?, Global Bioethics Blog
Stuart Rennie reports on the results of a recent Lancet study.

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