Welcome new contributors

I’m very pleased to welcome two new regular contributors to Somatosphere:

Aaron Seaman is a graduate student in the Department of Comparative Human Development at the University of Chicago. His research interests include medical and linguistic anthropology, science studies, dementia and caregiving in the United States.

Keahnan Washington is pursuing an MS in applied anthropology with a concentration in medical anthropology through the University of North Texas. Keahnan has a background in public health as well as biochemistry and molecular biology, and his primary interest is the alleviation of health disparities and health inequality.  He has research interests in critical medical anthropology, political economics, and social epidemiology, as well as nutritional anthropology.  Feel free to contact him at keahnan (at)

Aaron and Keahnan have already been writing monthly posts about interesting recent academic literature in medical anthropology, STS and the medical humanities.  

Finally, one of our longtime contributors–Todd Meyers (now an assistant professor of anthropology at Wayne State University)–has for several months been the new book review editor for Somatosphere.  You can contact him with any book-related queries at

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