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50 Years of Medical Sociology

The Journal of Health and Social Behavior recently ran a supplemental issue dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the journal and of the Medical Sociology Section of the American Sociological Association.  The issue is made up of a series of reviews about key issues in medical sociology written by some of the leading scholars in the sub-discipline.  Aside from being …

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"Epidemics": a special issue of Behemoth

The electronic journal Behemoth which “focuses on the general problem of the fading and/or failing state,” has a new themed issue which focuses on epidemics, more specifically exploring “critical issues arising within the new problem space of emerging infectious diseases,” (Caduff 2010).  As Carlo Caduff argues in his introduction to the volume,

“In the aftermath of the Cold


Arthur Kleinman on caregiving

This post was contributed by Matt Dalstrom (UW-Milwaukee)

In an event co-sponsored by the UW-Milwaukee Center for 21st Century Studies and the UW-Milwaukee Research Workshop on Science, Medicine, and Society, Dr. Arthur Kleinman presented two essays recently published in The Lancet titled, “Caregiving: the odyssey of becoming more human” and “Catastrophe and caregiving: the failure of

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A medical anthropology canon?

The latest issue of Anthropology and Medicine includes the first of a series of articles called “The Canon,” each of which will feature “a reappraisal of a past text of what may be considered (unfashionably) canonical, classical or at least of continuing interest in medical anthropology or cultural psychiatry.”  The first is a piece by Roland Littlewood on W.H.R. Rivers’ …