The book reviews of 2010

OK, so not the snappiest title.  But in the spirit of year-end round-ups and top-tens, I wanted to remind everyone of the books that were reviewed on Somatosphere during 2010.  Most of this is thanks to our great book review editor, Todd Meyers, without whom there would probably be about two reviews on this list, rather than 12.

We’ll be reviewing more books in 2011, so if you’re interested in reviewing a book for Somatosphere, or if you are an author or press publicist and are interested in sending us a review copy, feel free to contact Todd.

And here are the reviews (in reverse chronological order):

C. Jason Throop, Suffering and sentiment: Exploring the vicissitudes of pain and experience in Yap
Reviewed by Abbe Rose Kopra

Elly Teman, Birthing a Mother: The Surrogate Body and the Pregnant Self
Reviewed by Lauren Schleicher

Karen-Sue Taussig, Ordinary Genomes: Science, Citizenship, and Genetic Identities?
Reviewed by Abigail Baim-Lance

Didier Fassin and Mariella Pandolfi (Eds.) Contemporary States of Emergency: The Politics of Military and Humanitarian Interventions
Reviewed by Ross Parsons

Andrew Lakoff (Ed.) Disaster and the Politics of Intervention
Reviewed by Jennifer Ilo Van Nuil

Patrick Wilcken, Claude Levi-Strauss: The Poet in the Laboratory
Reviewed by Leo Coleman

Carl Elliott, White Coat, Black Hat: Adventures on the Dark Side of Medicine
Reviewed by Kalman Applbaum

Robert Freedman, The Madness within Us: Schizophrenia as a Neuronal Process
Reviewed by Neely Laurenzo Myers

Ethan Watters, Crazy Like Us: The Globalization of the American Psyche
Reviewed by Katinka Hooyer

Mei Zhan, Other-Worldly: Making Chinese Medicine through Transnational Frames
Reviewed by Matthew Wolf-Meyer

Lorna A. Rhodes, Total Confinement: Madness and Reason in the Maximum Security Prison
Reviewed by Kate Amiel

Steven Shapin, The Scientific Life: A Moral History of a Late Modern Vocation
Reviewed by Talia Dan-Cohen

Pascal Nouvel
, Histoire des Amphétamines
Book note by Todd Meyers

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