Critical Autism Studies Workshop

On September 24 and 25, the University of Ottawa is hosting a workshop entitled “Critical Autism Studies: Enabling Inclusion, Defending Difference,” organized by Michael Orsini, associate professor of political studies at U Ottawa and Joyce Davidson, associate professor of geography at Queen’s University.  The abstract for the workshop is reproduced below.  Please see the workshop website for a more detailed description of the event’s objectives, a schedule and a list of abstracts.

The workshop brings together social science and humanities researchers whose collective expertise and interest in critical autism studies will inform the development of new analytical frameworks that understand autism as a complex, relational dis/order that challenges stereotypes of what has long been regarded as “normal” human experience. The participation of a range of innovative national and international scholars involved in new research on autistic subjectivities and cognitive difference, combined with the involvement of autistic researchers and carers, will position this workshop and its corollary print and online materials as pivotal resources in the growing field of critical autism studies.

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