In the Journals

In the journals

Below are some interesting articles from March’s new issues:

In Health, Piia Jallinoja analyzes data obtained through focus groups to examine pleasure and its relationship to food and physical activity in Negotiated pleasures in health-seeking lifestyles of participants of a health promoting intervention.

In the same journal, Joanne Reeve, Mari Lloyd-Williams, Sheila Payne, and Christopher Dowrick question the ability of biographical theory to acknowledge the complexities of individual experiences of chronic illness.

For those who missed February’s releases:

In American Anthropologist, Nurit Bird-David and Tal Israeli examine shifting institutional and provider conceptualizations of personhood for patients in a permanent vegetative state.

Elizabeth Anne Davis examines Greek psychiatry as it shifted from custodial care to outpatient treatment in The AntiSocial Profile: Deception and Intimacy in Greek Psychiatry, in Cultural Anthropology.

Also in Cultural Anthropology, Arafaat Valiani links the moral and physical in Physical Training, Ethical Discipline, and Creative Violence: Zones of Self-Mastery in the Hindu Nationalist Movement.

Lastly, and anachronistically, in January’s issue of Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry, John P. Sheehan takes government policy, and market-based insurance companies to task for deficiencies in diabetes care in the US, in his appropriately titled Bad Medicine: There Is a Lot Wrong with Diabetes Care in the United States.

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