Introducing: series

We’ve recently added a new feature to the site.  Selected posts will now appear as part of a titled series.  You can access the series from a drop-down menu in the sidebar, just below the categories.

A number of archived posts have been placed into four series:

Foreign correspondents: Edited by Stephanie Lloyd and Todd Meyers, this series provides a forum for books, articles, conferences and other projects which appear in languages other than English.

Pharmaceutical marketing, capitalism and medicine: This series of posts about the pharmaceutical industry is written by Kalman Applbaum.

Political subjectivity: Sadeq Rahimi draws upon psychoanalytic and post-structuralist ideas to think through “political subjectivity” as a concept for the social sciences.

Theorizing theory of mind: This ongoing series of posts, cross-posted at the Foundation for Psychocultural Research (FPR) blog and developed along with the FPR’s Project Director, Constance Cummings, covers cross-disciplinary research on the theory of mind.

We’ll have more series of new posts on the site in the near future, as well as additional series of archived posts.


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