The med anthro awards for 2010

The webmaster for the Society for Medical Anthropology, Ben McMahan, has kindly shared with us the list of the SMA’s awards for 2010.  Congratulations to everyone on the list! 

SMA Career Achievement Award given in honor of career-long contributions to medical anthropology:

Eileen Basker Memorial Prize given for an extended case study on gender and health:

Charles Hughes Graduate Paper Prize: 

  • Emily Yates-Doerr, “The Weight of the Self: Care and Compassion in Guatemalan Dietary Decisions.”

Polgar Prize given to the “best” article published in the preceding volume of the MAQ:

MASA Graduate Student Mentoring Award:

–SMA Special Interest Group Awards–

Critical Anthropology of Global Health (CAGH) Virchow Awards

  • Undergraduate Winner: Dara Carroll, “Power and Dependence: Interactions Between Informal Caretakers and Patients with Mental Illness in Uganda.”
  • Graduate Winner: Emily Yates-Doerr, “The Opacity of Reduction: Nutritional Black-Boxing and the Meanings of Nourishment.”
  • Professional Winner: Clarence Gravlee, “How Race Becomes Biology: Embodiment of Social Inequality.” American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 139: 47-57 (2009).

Aids and Anthropology Research Group (AARG) Distinguished Service Award: 

The Council on Anthropology and Reproduction (CAR)

  • CAR Graduate Student Paper Award: Shana Sandberg, “Resisting Intervention, (En)trusting My Partner: Unmarried Women’s Narratives about Contraceptive Use in Tokyo;” 
  • CAR Best Edited Collection Book Award: Marcia Inhorn, Tine Tjørnjøj-Thomsen, Helene Goldberg, and Maruska la Cour Mosegaard, Reconceiving the Second Sex: Men, Masculinity, and Reproduction. Berghahn Books, 2009.

The Alcohol, Drug, and Tobacco Study Group (ADTSG) Graduate Student Paper Prize

  • Laura Jones, “The Medicalization of Menstruation, Hormonal Contraception…and Society.”

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