Personhood in a Neurobiological Age – the LSE symposium

Following up on my post last week about the “Neurosociety” conference, I wanted to mention yet another recent symposium on neuroscience and society which you can now listen to online.  This was called “Personhood in a Neurobiological Age,” and it was held last September at LSE as the final event in the “Brain, Self and Society” project which was located in the BIOS Centre for the Study of Bioscience, Biomedicine, Biotechnology and Society.  Here’s the abstract from the event:

It seems that we have learned more about the brain in the last decade than over the previous millennia of human history. But to what extent are developments in the ‘new brain sciences’ leading to a mutation in our understanding of selfhood? Are we in the midst of a move from ‘soul to brain’, a radical restructuring of our understanding of human ‘psychology’ and the rise of a ‘neuronal self’? If so, in what ways, and with what consequences, for individuals and for society, and for our ways of governing ourselves and others?

Here is the program, complete with the speakers and the titles of their talks:

  • Nikolas Rose (BIOS Centre, LSE), Welcome and Introduction
  • Jean-Pierre Changeux (Collège de France), Toward a neuroscience of the human person: unity and diversity
  • Catherine Malabou (Université Paris-X Nanterre), Epigenetics of Reason or Fashioning the Transcendental
  • Michael Hagner (ETH Zu?rich), A brief history of “homo cerebralis”
  • Patrick Haggard (University College London), Human volition: the neuroscience of will
  • Alain Ehrenberg (CNRS, Paris), Does neuroscience change something in the concept of personhood?
  • All speakers, Final panel discussion

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