The Science, Technology and Medicine Interest Group at the AAAs

Three announcements from the SMA’s Science, Technology and Medicine Interest Group in anticipation of the upcoming AAA meetings in Montreal:

(1) First, the coordinating committee would like to thank everyone who helped organize panels during the past year (2010-2011). We are looking forward to congratulating you in person at the AAAs. In case you cannot attend, however, we thank you here:  Tazin Karim, Ramah McKay, and Aaron Seaman (4S); and Rina Bliss, Tazin Karim, and Amy Moran-Thomas (AAA).

(2) Second, the STM Business Meeting will be held at 12:15pm on Saturday, November 19, in Room 512B of the Montreal Convention Center.

We have four agenda items:

  1. Discussing a theme for the coming year;
  2. Forming subcommittees to write CFPs for the coming year’s 4S and AAA panels;
  3. Announcing the winner of the very first STM paper prize competition;
  4. Launching the paper prize competition for the coming year.

Please come and get involved! We look forward to seeing you there.

(3) Third, the time and location of this year’s STM-sponsored panel is below:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Betsey Brada off-list at: bbbrada AT gmail DOT com.

Many thanks and looking forward to seeing you in Montreal,

-Ian Whitmarsh, Alex Choby, and Betsey Brada

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