2012 in review

As 2012 draws to a close, we’d like to thank all of our editors, regular contributors and guests for their hard work on Somatosphere.  We had a great year, and without all of your contributions, it wouldn’t have been possible.  This year saw the launch of Transcriptions, a forum on HIV/AIDS, global health and the social sciences edited by Thomas Cousins and Lindsey Reynolds and hosted by Somatosphere.  We also saw excellent contributions in all of our other sections, features, book reviews (edited by Todd Meyers), In the Journals (edited by Aaron Seaman) and Web Roundups (edited by Branwyn Poleykett).  You can find all of these posts listed below, organized by section.

In 2013 – the 5th year for the site – we’ll have many new features, interviews and book reviews.  Please visit us often and contact us at admin AT somatosphere DOT net if you are interested in getting involved.


Features, thoughts and research reports


Kalman Applbaum’s Risperdal on Trial series


Book Reviews



In April, Thomas Cousins and Lindsey Reynolds launched Transcriptions, a collaborative online forum on the intersections of HIV/AIDS, global health, and the social sciences. Transcriptions provides a forum for recent journal publications (In the Journals), news from around the web and in print (Broadsheets), book reviews (On the Shelves), interviews with scholars (Dialogues), announcements regarding conferences, calls for papers, seminars, and other relevant events (Announcements). In addition to offering analyses of emerging issues, Transcriptions also hosts a number of series, including: Methodologies, Keywords, Infected Affects, History and HIV, and Social Dynamics of Biomedical Prevention.

Transcriptions – In the Journals (Thomas Cousins)

Transcriptions – Broadsheets (Abigail Baim Lance)

Transcriptions – Methodologies

Transcriptions – Keywords

Transcriptions – Infected Affects

Transcriptions – Social Dynamics of Biomedical Prevention

Transcriptions – Features

For more information on contributors to Transcriptions, go here; for more information on submissions, go here.


Conference Reports


Lectures – Video and Audio


In the Journals


Special Journal Issues



  • January (Branwyn Poleykett) Cosmetic surgery, securitization of scientific data
  • June (Cassandra Hartblay) Dr. Jim Yong Kim at the World Bank and Dr. Robert Spitzer’s revocation
  • July and August Mega Roundup (Eugene Raikhel and Judith Mazdra) the Aurora shootings, the Olympics, Michel-Rolph Trouillot, Jonah Lehrer, mental health, health care, and much, much more…
  • October (Melanie Boeckmann) Big Data, and the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE)
  • November (Cassandra Hartblay) Hurricane Sandy relief and Marijuana Legalization
  • December (Branwyn Poleykett) Global disease burden


Teaching Resources


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