Announcements round-up

Here’s a round-up of announcements that have come over our Twitter feed during the past month.  Many thanks to Judith Mazdra for organizing the tweets into this list.

Upcoming Conferences/Workshops


Society for the Social History of Medicine Conference 2012—Emotions, Health and Wellbeing, Queen Mary University of London, 10-12 September 2012


The Social Determinants of Urban Mental Health: Paving the Way Forward 20-21 September


5th FPR-UCLA Interdisciplinary Conference—Culture, Mind, and Brain: Emerging Concepts, Methods, Applications

Los Angeles, CA, 19-20 October 2012

early registration ends 20 August 2012


Hearing Voices Movement Workshop in Chicago: Save the Date



Society for Psychological Anthropology Biennial 2013

San Diego, CA, 4-7 April 2013




Call for Papers


[Conferences and Symposiums]


2013 Annual Meeting of the American Association for the History of Medicine

abstracts due 21 September 2012


Health and Mental Resilience ConferenceDevelopmental and Health Psychology Department, Institute of Applied Psychology

Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland

20-21 October 2012

deadline for submissions 15 September 2012


Conference—Beyond Biosocialities in Medical Anthropology

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 17-19 January 2013

abstracts due 30 September 2012


ISA/ESA Mid-Term Conference—Risk and Uncertainty: ontologies and methods

University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

23-25 January 2013


2013 Third International Conference on Health, Wellness and Society

Universiadade Federal de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

15-16 March 2013


3rd Global Conference—The Patient: Therapeutic Approaches

Lisbon, Portugal 16-18 March 2013

abstracts due 12 October 2012


3rd Global Conference—Trauma: Theory and Practice

Lisbon, Portugal 19-22 March 2013

abstracts due 12 October 2012


Conference—Challenging Punishment: The War on Drugs, Race, and Public Health

Rutgers University, 5-6 April 2013; Columbia University 4 October 2013

abstracts due 1 September 2012


Conference—Human and Social Sciences in Russia: invention of scientific language and translation

24-25 May 2013

abstracts due 30 September 2012


24th ICHSTM Symposium—Science X Medicine: Promiscuous Objects, Entangled Problems

Manchester, England 22-28 July 2013

abstracts due 15 September 2012


[Journal articles]


Ecological Health: Society, Ecology and Health Journal special issue 2012, vol. 15 of the Advances in Medical Sociology Series

abstracts due 27 August 2012


Canadian Bulletin of Medical History Special Issue on Reproductive Health History in Canada

articles due: 1 November 2012




The Alcohol, Drug, and Tobacco Study Group (ADTSG) of the Society for Medical Anthropology: Best Graduate Student Paper Prize

submissions due 1 September 2012




Grants for Collaborative Research on Environment and Health in China from SSRC

next deadline 28 August 2012


Postdoctoral Research Fellowships—Philosophy, Psychology, English


English Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in the Centre for Medical Humanities, Durham University

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