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Broadsheets on Transcriptions

As bards of the Broadsheets, we reinvigorate the way newspapers offered dimensions to lay out societal trends.  As such, the aim of this section is to re-draw and attend to the ways in which web content proliferates and thereby makes meaningful the priorities and directions within the HIV/AIDS-related field and global health more broadly. Our efforts intend to develop a method to document the issues cresting based on their received attention (in the fashion of a “web round-up”), and also to define the mechanisms by which issues find secure platforms and then track the results. This Transcriptions- specific approach tracks content and metric multi-directionally, meaning that, unlike the constraints of our print-based predecessor, our broadsheet format is open to the possibility that the dimensions (both in content and its register of significance) change in the ensuing circulations of ideas.

Please contact us at if you’d like to be a part of this section’s efforts. They are meant to be iterative and open, as we welcome input from our reading public about broadsheets included, as well as other topics of interest; please feel free to submit web-based news that you are, or would like to be tracking.  We are further curious as to how you apply our “open-source material” for your own “impactful” work to contribute to our understanding of how dynamic knowledge bases take root.

Broadsheets Editor: Abigail Baim-Lance

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