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In the Journals… July 2012, Part 2

You can find Part One of this month’s In the Journals… feature here.

This month’s Science, Technology, & Human Values  focuses on “Experiments in Context and Contexting“. Tiago Moreira argues that singularities in social science research are woven into political orders in two related ways: through an unraveling of sociotechnical ties and through the uniqueness of persons caught in standardized policies. Brita Brenna searches for relevant context to understand a Norwegian natural history, while Law and Moser explore the contexts of foot-and-mouth disease control strategies in the UK. Finally, Kristin Asdal uses actor-network theory resources as a historicizing method and Vicky Singleton discusses three contexts in her article on feminism and accountability in UK cattle farming.

Social Science & Medicine is currently published as a multi-volume for July, August and September 2012. Thus there are a lot of new articles out right now. A selection:

  • A study by Harel-Fish and colleagues  on Multiple risk behaviors and suicidal ideation and behavior among Israeli and Palestinian adolescents grounded in Problem Behavior Theory, Normalization Theory and theories of adolescent ethnic identity.
  • A socio-anthropological analysis of emergency contraception use and representation in West Africa by Maria Teixeira et al.
  • A Japanese case study on place-specific constructs of social capital and their possible associations to health (Hanibuchi et al.).
  • Alissa Cordner on the health care access and utilization of homeschooled children in the United States.
  • Lei Jin and colleagues examine local ties and emotional well-being in rural-to-urban migrants in Shanghai, China.
  • An evaluation of the complex health system intervention “performance-based contracting” in Uganda by Freddie Ssengooba et al.
  • An anthropological perspective on water access and psychological distress among Ethopian women.
  • And the partial special issue on Challenges to changing health behaviours in developing countries.

Recently published articles in Transcultural Psychiatry include:

  • “The discovery of autism: Indian parents’ experiences of caring for their child with an autism spectrum disorder” by Miraj U. Desai.
  • Ursula Read on the limits of antipsychotic medication in rural Ghana.
  • Hanna Kienzler and Duncan Pedersen discuss the relationship between humanitarians and the military in developing psychosocial interventions for civilian populations affected by armed conflict.

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