Call for nominations: 2013 Eileen Basker Memorial Prize

The Society for Medical Anthropology welcomes nominations for the Eileen Basker Memorial Prize, awarded annually for a significant contribution to anthropological scholarship on gender and health by a scholar (or scholars) from any discipline or nation for a specific book, article, film, or exceptional PhD thesis produced within the preceding three years. The Prize is awarded to the work judged to be the most courageous, significant, and potentially influential contribution to this area of scholarship. Winners receive a $1000 cash award and are recognized at the SMA business meeting during the AAA.

The Prize was founded by Virginia R. Dominguez in collaboration with the Society for Medical Anthropology in 1987 following the death of Israeli-American critical medical anthropologist and feminist, Eileen Basker, in October 1986.

Nominations are invited from one or more individuals in the form of a letter indicating the impact of the designated work on the field. Self-nomination is not permitted. Publishers of nominated books are expected to supply three copies of the relevant work to the Prize Committee.

The deadline for receipt of materials is July 1. Inquiries and nomination materials should be sent to the chair of the Basker Prize Committee:

Sarah Willen –

Department of Anthropology

University of Connecticut

Beach Hall 438

Storrs, CT 06269-1176


For more information about the prize, see

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