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While we’ve run many book reviews and conference reports in Somatosphere over the course of its first five years, many of the posts we call “features” don’t fit as clearly into distinct categories.  In what follows we list a selection (though certainly not all) of these posts from the past five years.  They range from research and fieldwork reports, to thought pieces, to engagements with contemporary events, to syllabi, and interviews.  While some are organized by genre (interviews and teaching resources), or as specific series, we’ve grouped others around broad topics. Enjoy!


Psychiatry, neuroscience and mental health


The political economy and everyday life of pharmaceuticals


Kalman Applbaum’s Risperdal on Trial series


Transcriptions: HIV, Science and the Social

A collaborative forum for critical enquiry on HIV/AIDS and global health: experiment, ethics, and practice


The anthropology of political subjectivity


Infectious diseases and multispecies ethnography


Bodies: eating, sleeping, enhanced, disabled


Health and medicine 20 years after the Soviet Union


Politics and technologies


Anthropology and/as/of Science


Methodology, collaboration and conversation across the disciplines and professions


Biographies, histories and archaeologies

Teaching resources


Top of the Heap



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