Medical Anthropology temporary teaching opportunity at UW-Seattle

I am writing to invite expressions of interest in temporary teaching in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Washington in Seattle, from Ph.D. sociocultural anthropologists specializing in medical anthropology. We seek applicants available and interested in teaching Winter, Spring and Summer quarters of 2013-2014 (dates of instruction are January 6, 2014 through August 22, 2014)

Here in the anthropology department at UW-Seattle, we have a large and thriving “medical anthropology track” with 200+ students enrolled (You can read about the medical anthropology and global health [MAGH] “track” of the anthro major, here.) Our teaching capacity in medical anthropology is temporarily reduced for a variety of reasons (retirement, sabbatical, administrative duties), stretching our ability to provide the courses these students need to graduate on time. We are thus looking for someone with Ph.d. in hand who might be ready and willing to teach medical anthropology in our department from January through August 2014.

We can be flexible in terms of geographic focus & topical interests, but the person would need to have degree already in hand, have teaching experience, and be able to hit the ground running to teach 4 medical anthro classes, over 3 quarters. These must include one large “Introduction to Medical Anthropology and Global Health” class in spring quarter (100+ students, with TAs assigned), as well as three upper-level undergraduate courses (30 to 40 students, mostly juniors and seniors), two in winter quarter and one in summer quarter. Upper-level classes may include proposed classes reflecting the applicant’s interests and expertise, and/or versions of some of our existing medical anthropology and global health courses (as listed on the website). Ability to incorporate some biocultural perspectives and materials is welcome, though not required. We are unfortunately unable to hire applicants who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents authorized to work in this country.

Although the position is temporary, this is a terrific opportunity for someone to gain some experience and get to know some medical anthropologists at UW. If you meet these criteria and are interested, please send a letter of interest, a CV and any materials relating to previous teaching experience (syllabi, course evaluations, etc) as electronic attachments to a single e-mail message, to as soon as possible, and not later than September 1, 2013. Applications will be reviewed and we hope to reach a decision and extend an offer by late September.

Thank you,

Janelle Taylor

Chair, Department of Anthropology
University of Washington

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