Foreign Correspondents: Call for reviewers and books to be reviewed

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Over the past few years we’ve intermittently posted in a series called “Foreign Correspondents.”  The idea behind this series is to provide a forum for recent, important works that appear in languages other than English in the social sciences and humanities of medicine, health and science. If you would like to suggest a non-English language book for review or if you are interested in reviewing for “Foreign Correspondents,” please contact Stephanie Lloyd (

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  1. Hi, I am interesem in reviewing though I don’t have any particular obok in my mind now. I am a Japanese, so I can review Japanese botoks and articles in English.

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  4. Dear,

    As a qualified medical doctor and an historian (also qualified), I am interested in history of medicine (eventually history of sciences). I can read in French (mother tongue), Dutch, English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. But I can only write correctly in french.

    • Hello Jean,
      Thanks for your interest. Up until now, we have only taken English language reviews. Would you be able to organize a translation of any potential reviews?
      All the best,

      • Sorry Stephanie, I think my english is too poor and I can’t let translate my papers because it is too expansive

        Kindly regards


        • Hi Jean,
          Completely understandable. We’re all volunteers at Somatosphere, so we have no budget for translators. If the situation changes or we have more support for translations I will let you know.
          Kind regards,

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