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A new crop of books has arrived and they need to be reviewed! We are now asking reviewers to complete their pieces within four months of receiving a copy of the book.  If you can write your review more quickly, that’s great, but if you don’t think you can manage to finish it in four months, please don’t volunteer.  We have a very very long list of book reviews that were promised but never completed. (You know who you are….. it’s not too late to turn it in!)  So, if you are interested in reviewing one of the books listed below, and think you can complete it on time, please contact Seth Messinger at  Also, if you haven’t written for us before, please send along a brief writing sample.


John Borneman, The Ritual Rehab of Child Molesters in Germany, University of Chicago Press

Laurel Braitman, Animal Madness, Simon and Schuster

Mara Buchbinder, All in Your Head: Making Sense of Pediatric Pain, University of California Press

Joseph D. Calabrese, A Different Medicine: Postcolonial Healing in the Native American Church, Oxford University Press

Nathaniel Comfort, The Science of Human Perfection: How Genes Became the Heart of American Medicine, Yale University Press

Michele Friedner, Valuing Deaf Worlds in Urban India, Rutgers University Press

Kaja Guenther, Localization and Its Discontent: A Genealogy of Psychoanalysis and the Neuro Disciplines, University of Chicago Press

Marcia Inhorn, Cosmopolitan Conceptions: IVF Sojourns in Global Dubai, Duke University Press

Janis Jenkins, Extraordinary Condition: Culture and Experience in Mental Illness, University of California Press

David S. Jones, Broken Hearts: The Tangled History of Cardiac Care, Johns Hopkins University Press

Salmaan Keshavjee, Blind Spot: How Neoliberalism Infiltrated Global Health, University of California Press

Kelly Ray Knight, addicted.pregnant.poor, Duke University Press

Jane Maienschein, Embryos under the Microscope: The Diverging Meanings of Life, Harvard University Press

Natasha Myers, Rendering Life Molecular, Duke University Press

Alondra Nelson, Body and Soul: The Black Panther Party and the Fight against Medical Discrimination, U Minnesota Press

Sonya E. Pritzker, Living Translation: Language and the Search for Resonance in U.S. Chinese Medicine, Berghahn Books

Dana Simmons, Vital Minimum: Need, Science and Politics in Modern France:, University of Chicago Press

Sarah S. Richardson, Sex Itself: The Search for Male and Female in the Human Genome, University of Chicago Press

Sara Shostak, Exposed Science: Genes, the Environment, and the Politics of Population Health, University of California Press

Jenny Slatman, Our Strange Body: Philosophical Reflections on Identity and Medical Interventions, Amsterdam U Press

Kara W. Swanson, Banking on the Body: The Market in Blood, Milk, and Sperm in Modern America, Harvard University Press

Samuel Tayor-Alexander, On Face Transplantation: Life and Ethics in Experimental Biomedicine, Palgrave Macmillan

Carsten Timmermann, A History of Lung Cancer: The Recalcitrant Disease, Palgrave Macmillan

Susan Reynolds Whyte, Second Chances: Surviving AIDS in Uganda, Duke University Press

Everett Zhang, The Impotence Epidemic: Men’s Medicine and Sexual Desire in Contemporary China, Duke University Press

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