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Web Roundup: May 2020

The web roundup feature seeks to provide a periodical compilation of relevant content about anthropology, medicine, and society. It is fair to say that there has been an overflow of such material in the last weeks, days, and hours. The killing of George Floyd, the protests across the US, the violence, curfews in several major cities, the 911 call on an African American man in central park; all of this with COVID-19 as a backdrop. It has been a lot. The images and videos, and a multiplicity of voices and arguments have filled up our virtual (and cognitive) space. Yet, amid all the noise it seems crucial that we listen to the voices of those who are hurting, and that we clear the space for those voices to be heard loud and clear. Solidarity grows out of that space, and so does the action to help make a fairer society. Hence, this month’s web roundup is just that, a small attempt at clearing and protecting such a space:

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