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In the Journals – September 2016, part one

Welcome to part one of September’s journal post. We start off with a few special issues, which have been highlighted earlier, followed by a great batch of interesting articles for fall reading. Enjoy!

Transcultural Psychiatry – “Practical Anthropology for a Global Public Psychiatry

Medical Anthropology – “Nonsecular Medical Anthropology

New Genetics & Society – “Private,

In the Journals

Special Issue! Private, the Public, and the Hybrid in Umbilical Cord Blood Banking

“First, it critically examines the dichotomy between public and private cord blood

In the Journals

In the Journals — February 2016, Part II

And now for a very belated February post (not even the extra day could help this year…). However, there is much to dig in to here, including two special issues, “The Sociology of Health Care Safety and Quality” in Sociology of Health & Illness and “Anthropology and Medical Photography: Ethnographic, Critical and Comparative Perspectives” in Visual Anthropology. Enjoy!


In the Journals

Diversions of Biomedical Technologies in a Globalized World — A special issue of Medical Anthropology

The current issue of Medical Anthropology is a special issue, entitled “Diversions of Biomedical Technologies in a Globalized World.” As Claire Beaudevin & Laurent Pordié write in their introduction, “Diversion and Globalization in Biomedical Technologies,” the issue’s seven articles confront a series of questions about the drift, detours, uptake, translation, and off-shoots of biomedical technologies: