Reworking the Cognitive Bias – a Brainstorm

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Can we change the way that we think about thinking? Can we rework our thoughts about thought? If so, what would reworking thought open up, analytically and ethnographically? Those were the provocations we started with, an invitation to draw together early career researchers working on diverse ways of conceptualizing thinking and not-thinking, cognizing and not-cognizing. 

Even asking these questions raises …


Advocacy Letters: An Invitation

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Somatosphere is launching a new series to share political and social advocacy letters. Please submit your open letters to emilyjf@gmail.com

Dear Reader,

2020 is a year of multiple chronic crises resurfacing and converging. Many of us feel moved to respond through protest, writing for public audiences and posting on social media. We are launching this series to provide space on …


Head circumference

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In the early months of 2016, as global media sources incited fear among pregnant women that Zika would result in babies with small heads and stunted intellectual capacity, we found ourselves puzzled. [1] A scientific study in the Maya-Mam area of Guatemala where we were working had just reported exceptionally high rates of microcephaly. Because …


The Social Life of Metrics

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La vida social de las métricas

Guatemala es uno de los países de Centroamérica que ha reportado en la última década uno de los problemas de crecimiento infantil más importantes en la región de América Latina y el mundo, el cual incluye a casi la mitad de los niños menores de cinco años (CEPAL,2018 ). [1]


The ethnographic fact: a discussion of ethics in anthropological fieldwork

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The lone-fieldworker model of research may still be the norm for anthropology in the United States, but this is not the case for anthropology everywhere. The European Research Council (ERC), the main funding body for anthropological research in Europe, favors team-based research. Following the model …


Thinking with dementia. An introduction to the series

Fourteen stories 

This series is a collection of fourteen stories that are written to ‘think with dementia’. Over the past three years, six PhD students from the anthropology department at the University of Amsterdam have conducted ethnographic research on dementia care in the Netherlands. When the PhD projects came to a close, we organised a workshop to bring our work …

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