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In the Journals, September 2021, Part 1

Rounding out September’s In the Journals compilation, here are several more articles of interest. See also these Special Issues on “Island Imaginaries” and “Beyond the Production of Ignorance” and more in a separate post by Eliza Williamson. Enjoy!

American Anthropologist 

Learning How Not to Know: Pragmatism, (In)expertise, and the Training of American Helping Professionals
E. Summerson Carr

Motivational interviewing

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In the Journals, February 2020

Here are some of the articles published in February. Enjoy!

Cultural Anthropology (Open Access)

Gestures of Care and Recognition: An Introduction
Lauren Cubellis

This collection of essays offers an exploration of care as a gesture of recognition. As both object of inquiry and ethnographic representation, care is examined as the work of discerning and representing traces. The introduction and subsequent

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Disability Worlds: Wenner-Gren Symposium

The 2018 Wenner-Gren Symposium was “Disability Worlds,” and the papers are now available as a Current Anthropology supplement, open-access to all! Here is a PDF of the entire collection, and the abstracts are below.

Disability Worlds: Wenner-Gren Symposium Supplement 21
Danilyn Rutherford

[excerpt] From March 9 to 15, 2018, at the Hacienda del Sol Guest Ranch in Tucson, Arizona, the

In the Journals

In the Journals, January 2020

Here’s our monthly digest of new journal articles! A special issue of Medical Anthropology on “Aging, Chronicity, and Negotiations of Care” is among the highlights. Happy reading!

Medical Anthropology: Cross-Cultural Studies in Health and Illness

Neurodegeneration and the Intersubjectivities of Care (open access)
Narelle Warren & Dikaios Sakellariou

Caring for a family member or friend with a serious