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Somatosphere is looking to recruit 3-4 people to assist with our ongoing “In the Journals” feature. “In the Journals” is a monthly roundup of newly-published journal articles. Below, please find more information about what is involved and who to contact if you’re interested in joining the team. We look forward to hearing from you!

“In the Journals” provides a snapshot …

In the Journals

Special Issue: Ethnographic Explorations of the Right to Health in Practice

October’s issue of Medical Anthropology: Cross-Cultural Studies in Health and Illness is a themed issue, edited by Alejandro Cerón & Jessica Jerome. The articles are “Ethnographic Explorations of the Right to Health in Practice.” Here are the abstracts:

Engaging with the Right to Health: Ethnographic Explorations of the Right to Health in Practice (open access)
Alejandro Cerón &

In the Journals

In the Journals, October 2019

Here are some highlights from journals with new issues published in October. Enjoy!

Annual Review of Anthropology

Physician Anthropologists
Claire L. Wendland

Physician anthropologists have contributed extensively to the anthropology of biomedicine, as well as to other aspects of medical anthropology. Their use of detailed clinical case narratives allows elucidation of what is at stake for individuals and communities in

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Ethos Special Thematic Collection: “Extraordinary Conditions, Global Psychiatric Care, and Moral Subjectivity”

The March 2019 issue of Ethos, organized by Neely Myers and Kristin E. Yarris, focuses on “Extraordinary Conditions, Global Psychiatric Care, and Moral Subjectivity.” The collection closes with commentary by Elizabeth Bromley and Cheryl Mattingly.

Beyond the “Crazy House”: Mental/Moral Breakdowns and Moral Agency in First‐Episode Psychosis
Neely Myers

This paper draws on a two‐year, longitudinal, prospective study of

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Canguilhem’s Milieu Today, in History of Anthropology Newsletter

The History of Anthropology Newsletter has published a Special Focus section on Canguilhem’s “The Living and Its Milieu” (1952). The section includes six open access essays, and here are some excerpts. Enjoy!

Editors’ Introduction: As Adventurous as Life (open access)
Gabriel Coren and Cameron Brinitzer

[…] The traditional objects and concepts in the human and interpretive sciences are not always