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Special Issue: Psychopathological Fringes

History of the Human Sciences (31[2]) has published a special issue about “zones of uncertainty that defy psychopathology’s order of things.” The issue, Psychopathological Fringes: Knowledge making and boundary work in 20th century psychiatry, is edited by Nicolas Henckes, Volker Hess, and Marie Reinholdt. Enjoy!

Exploring the fringes of psychopathology: Boundary entities, category work and other borderline phenomena in

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Special Issue: Genomics and Genetic Medicine

Anthropology & Medicine (Vol 25 [1]) brings us a special issue on Genomics and Genetic Medicine, edited by Sahra Gibbon, Susie Kilshaw & Margaret Sleeboom-Faulkner. See below for the abstracts!

Genomics and genetic medicine: pathways to global health? (open access)
Sahra Gibbon, Susie Kilshaw & Margaret Sleeboom-Faulkner

[Excerpt] This special issue of Anthropology and Medicine contributes to …

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Special Issue: Cognitive Disability

The most recent issue of The Cambridge Journal of Anthropology is a special issue on Cognitive Disability, edited by Patrick McKearney and Tyler Zoanni. Enjoy!

Introduction: For an Anthropology of Cognitive Disability (open access)
Patrick McKearney and Tyler Zoanni

How can we study significant cognitive differences within social groups anthropologically? Attempting to do so challenges some of …

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Special Issue! The Human, Human Rights, and DNA Identity Tests

In addition to the articles highlighted in this month’s regular “In the Journals” post, the January issue of Science, Technology, & Human Values is a themed issue on “The Human, Human Rights, and DNA Identity Tests.” In the introductory article, Noa Vaisman writes that the papers “offer a serious challenge to the vision of the human subject at the …