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In the Journals, May 2021

This month’s highlight – just going open source on Global Public Heath:

COVID19 and the political geography of racialization in the US (open access)

Ryan Whitacre, Adeola Oni-Orisan, Nadia Gaber, Carlos Martinez, Liza Buchbinder, Denise Herd & Seth M. Holmes 

The COVID-19 pandemic has overwhelmed health systems around the globe, and intensified the lethality of social and political inequality. In

In the Journals

In the Journals, August 2020, Part 1

Cultural Anthropology (Open Access)

Exhuming Dead Persons: Forensic Science and the Making of Post-fascist Publics in Spain (open access)

Jonah S. Rubin

Four decades after the fall of its dictator, Spain still refuses to undertake its legal and moral responsibilities to locate the disappeared. This essay examines how Spanish activists use forensic exhumations to transform the political status of Franco’s

In the Journals

In the Journals, May 2020, Part 2

Health, Risk & Society

Risk and preventing perinatal HIV transmission: uncovering the social organisation of prenatal care for women living with HIV in Ontario, Canada Allyson Ion , Saara Greene , Christina Sinding  & Daniel Grace

This paper presents an institutional ethnography that explored how risk discourse organised the experiences of pregnant women living with HIV and was reproduced in