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Special Issue: Behind the Measures of Maternal Health

Social Science & Medicine has published a special issue called “Behind the Measures of Maternal Health, Ethnographic Accounts of Inventory and Intervention,” edited by Jan Brunson and Siri Suh. These articles offer “an ethnographic interrogation of contemporary metrics and ontologies of intervention enacted in the global South, investigates ‘behind the measures’ of maternal and reproductive health: the imperfect but pragmatic …

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In the Journals, June 2020, Part 2

American Anthropologist (Open Access)

Machine Sky: Social and Terrestrial Engineering in a Chinese Weather System
Jerry C. Zee

This article explores Chinese environmental politics as a complex strategy for engineering weather and climate at national and then planetary scales. It argues that in times of meteorological insecurity, we can explore diverse sites in China’s state environmental political apparatus as attempts …


Against Forgetting: Telling Stories After Zika

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Contra o Esquecimento: Contando Histórias após o Zika

Dois anos atrás, em um aeroporto, enquanto esperava uma conexão, recebi uma mensagem de WhatsApp de uma mulher no Brasil que conheci através da minha pesquisa de campo e trabalho voluntário em Salvador, capital do estado da Bahia. Ela era uma das mães associadas a uma ONG …