Working Definitions: Making and Unmaking “Medical Anthropology” around the World

Somatosphere Special Series – Call for Contributions

Editors: Professor Paschal Kum Awah (Chair, Anthropology, University of Yaoundé I) and Elizabeth Durham (PhD Candidate, Anthropology, Princeton University)

Anthropology’s interest in health, illness, prevention, and treatment is longstanding and increasingly robust. In this era of medical development, epidemics and pandemics, and debates in both the oft-called “Global North” and “Global South” over …


Flipping the Script of the Disaster Flick

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For Cameroonians faced with the realities and stereotypes of their country’s armed conflict, watching COVID-19 hit New York City before Yaoundé is cinematic catharsis. 

The WhatsApp messages started to arrive in March: 

            Hey, how are you coping with Covid-19 crisis? 

            How are you there Elizabeth???

            Hallooo Elizabeth, please be careful there, I heard some news about corona virus in