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Special Issue: Immigration and Mental Health

Medical Anthropology has just released a special issue, edited by Thurka Sangaramoorthy and Megan A. Carney, which offers insights into “the landscape of immigrant mental health and how the experience of multiple exclusions influences collective psychosocial well-being.”

Immigration, Mental Health and Psychosocial Well-being (open access)
Thurka Sangaramoorthy & Megan A. Carney

Anthropological approaches to “immigrant mental health” as an object

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In the Journals, October 2021, Part 1

Annual Review of Anthropology

Food Insecurity, Nutritional Inequality, and Maternal–Child Health: A Role for Biocultural Scholarship in Filling Knowledge Gaps
Barbara A. Piperata & Darna L. Dufour

Food insecurity, a significant contributor to nutritional inequality, disproportionately affects women and children in low- and middle-income countries. The magnitude of the problem has inspired research on its impacts on health, especially on

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Special Issues: “Public Health Activism in changing times: relocating collective agency. Part 1” and “The COVID Horizon”

We would like to highlight the release of two special issues this month. First, Critical Public Health’s second issue of the year is dedicated to “Public health activism in changing times: re-locating collective agency,” edited by Catherine Campbell and Flora Cornish. The papers “call for a radical expansion of the gaze of public health to take account of new, …

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In the Journals, April 2021, Part 1

Current Anthropology 

Of Plots and Men: The Heuristics of Conspiracy Theories
Didier Fassin

In a time when conspiracy theories seem to be flourishing, generally receiving dismissive reactions, this article conversely tries to take them seriously and to consider what they may tell us about contemporary societies. Whereas philosophical discussions turn around the specific definition and delimitation of these theories,

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Special Issue: “Beyond Biological Citizenship”

Critical Public Health’s first issue of the year is a special issue titled “Beyond Biological Citizenship,” edited by Marsha Rosengarten, Todd Sekuler, Beate Binder, Agata Dziuban and Peter-Paul Bänziger. These articles “offer insight into the evolving conceptions of state–citizenship relations in the complex and entangled histories of HIV/AIDS in Europe.”

Beyond biological citizenship: HIV/AIDS, health, and activism in Europe

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In the Journals, December 2020, Part 1

American Anthropologist 

Fitness Fanatics: Exercise as Answer to Pending Zombie Apocalypse in Contemporary America
Katie Rose Hejtmanek

Physical fitness has a long history in the United States. Currently, functional fitness has emerged as a popular, novel method of exercising. Based on years of ethnographic research on a branded version of functional fitness, I argue this form of exercise is

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