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Special Issue: “Beyond Biological Citizenship”

Critical Public Health’s first issue of the year is a special issue titled “Beyond Biological Citizenship,” edited by Marsha Rosengarten, Todd Sekuler, Beate Binder, Agata Dziuban and Peter-Paul Bänziger. These articles “offer insight into the evolving conceptions of state–citizenship relations in the complex and entangled histories of HIV/AIDS in Europe.”

Beyond biological citizenship: HIV/AIDS, health, and activism in Europe

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In the Journals, December 2020, Part 1

American Anthropologist 

Fitness Fanatics: Exercise as Answer to Pending Zombie Apocalypse in Contemporary America
Katie Rose Hejtmanek

Physical fitness has a long history in the United States. Currently, functional fitness has emerged as a popular, novel method of exercising. Based on years of ethnographic research on a branded version of functional fitness, I argue this form of exercise is

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In the Journals, October 2020, Part I

Annual Review of Anthropology

Beyond the Household: Caribbean Families and Biocultural Models of Alloparenting
Robin G. Nelson

Alloparental or extramaternal care is an integral aspect of human childrearing. This behavior has been explored both as an extension of the primary mother–infant dyad that evolved to meet the demands of altricial offspring and as an economic exchange of energy and resources.

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In the Journals, May 2020, Part I

Anthropology & Medicine

Contested legitimacy for anthropologists involved in medical humanitarian action: experiences from the 2014-2016 West Africa Ebola epidemic (open access)
Shelley Lees, Jennifer Palmer, Fanny Procureur, and Karl Blanchet

The growing involvement of anthropologists in medical humanitarian response efforts has laid bare the moral and ethical consequences that emerge from humanitarian action. Anthropologists are well placed