Beyond the Body Proper: AAA Panel in Honour of the Work of Margaret Lock

AAA Panel in Honour of the Work of Margaret Lock

P. Sean Brotherton and Vinh-Kim Nguyen have organized a session at the upcoming AAA Meetings in honour of the work of Margaret Lock. “Beyond the Body Proper: Biopolitics and Biocontingencies” is an Invited Session sponsored by the Society for Medical Anthropology. The panel will take place on Thursday November 17, …


“Science” versus “public understanding”? Some thoughts on the distinction…

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Note: Corrected post. I have replaced “mission” with “Long-Range Plan” where necessary. This does not change the primary comments and questions of the original post; no other content has been altered.

As an anthropologist it is


Swine flu, cont.: mini-post

The swine flu outbreak is getting more interesting. I’m particularly compelled by the various trackings, especially because the cultural politics of surveillance–or lack thereof–is emerging as a critical issue. The Google Maps version is a personal favorite. 

Of course, the various economic issues are fascinating as well. Have stock in Tamiflu? 
The WHO is holding a scientific review tomorrow

Emerging thoughts on swine flu

Globally, the number of cases of swine flu, and deaths attributed to or probably caused by the H1N1 virus are escalating; the microbe is certainly on the move. The BBC has a decent map of the outbreaks. Today, (in an article depicting a cool picture of a thermal scanner at Incheon International Airport in South Korea), The New York Times


Microbes and Anthropology

Microbes are everywhere; viruses, bacteria, and fungi are among the most abundant and diverse forms of life on earth. Anyone who has ever contemplated purchasing—or experienced bewilderment at the existence of antibacterial ballpoint pens, bedding, athletic clothing, soaps or similar products can attest to the prominence of bacteria in everyday cultural consciousness in the U.S. I for one am building …


Lexington’s Narcotic Farm, Redux

There is a story about Lexington’s Narcotic Farm on Tonic, the arts and music magazine of WUKY. Tonic’s Kopana interviews filmmaker and author JP Olsen about his experiences working on the documentary “The Narcotic Farm.”

Olsen discusses some interesting issues about the intersections between incarceration, addiction and addiction treatments, medicalization, and criminalization.

This story is a nice complement to …

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