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In The Journals- August 2021 Part 1

The highlights of August’s In The Journals (Pt.1) are: a Colloquy in Cultural Anthropology on “L’enfer, c’est les autres”: Proximity as an Ethical Problem during COVID-19″; a “double issue” from the Int’l Journal of Social Psychiatry in which the articles about COVID-19 are open access; and a special issue on African Cultural Psychiatry in Transcultural Psychiatry.

American Ethnologist

Becoming an

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In The Journals, March 2021, Part 1


Sportswomen as ‘biocultural creatures’: understanding embodied health experiences across sporting cultures
Holly Thorpe, Marianne Clark & Julie Brice

Over the past decade, a critical mass of feminist scholars has been working to develop new ways of understanding the complex interactions between the social and biological body. Working broadly under the umbrella of ‘new materialisms,’ a subgroup of feminist scholars

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In The Journals, August 2019

A short round up this month. This month’s collection will be most valuable for those interested in topics such as: childbirth, immigration and health, disability and Disability Studies, and Public Health.

Health, Risk, and Society

Caesarean or vaginarean epidemics ? Techno-birth, risk and obstetric practice in Turkey (Open Access)
Sezin Topçu

Caesarean sections (C-sections) have become a substitute for vaginal

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In The Journals, January 2019

The January roundup from the journals. Happy Reading!

Body & Society

Why Kinesthesia, Tactility and Affectivity Matter: Critical and Constructive Perspectives

Maxine Sheets-Johnstone

This article offers critical and constructive perspectives essential to understanding living bodies, and, in effect, to showing that kinesthesia, tactility and affectivity matter because they are central to animate life. Critical perspectives focus on practices that distance