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In the Journals, August 2020, Part 2

Social Science & Medicine

Rural gerontological health: Emergent questions for research, policy and practice

Laura I.L.Poulina, Mark W.Skinnera, NeilHanlon

This article explores what can be learned from the evolution of rural gerontology as a field of study to inform a more critical approach to the health of rural older adults. To counter the prevailing essentialism of highlighting the rural health …

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In the Journals, March 2020 (Part 1)

Contemporary Drug Problems

Resilience in the Face of Victimization: A Bourdieusian Analysis of Dealing With Harms and Hurts Among Street-Involved Individuals Who Smoke Crack Cocaine

Katherine Rudzinski, Carol Strike

Victimization is a significant issue for street-involved individuals who smoke crack cocaine. Presently, there is a shortage of resilience research exploring practices that may insulate crack-smoking individuals from victimization or mitigate …

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Special Issue: Care in Translation: Care-ful Research in Medical Settings

March’s issue of East Asian Science, Technology and Society is a themed issue, edited by Catelijine Coopmans & Karen M. McNamara. The theme for this issue is “Care in Translation: Care-ful Research in Medical Settings”. Here are the abstracts:

Repair in Translation (open access)

Jenna Grant

In this article, the author juxtaposes writing and conversation about care for, with, and …