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In the Journals, June 2021, Part 2


How environments get to the skin: biosensory ethnography as a method for investigating the relation between psychosis and the city (Open Access)

Marc Winz & Ola Söderström

Epidemiological research in psychiatry has established robust evidence of the link between urban living and psychosis, but the situated experience of the city, as well as the precise ecology of psychosis remain largely unexplored.

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In the Journals, January 2021, Part 1

Social Science & Medicine

Why public health framing matters: An experimental study of the effects of COVID-19 framing on prejudice and xenophobia in the United States

Lindsay Y. Dhanani, Berkeley Franz

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a notable increase in the expression of prejudicial and xenophobic attitudes that threaten the wellbeing of minority groups and contribute to the overall public

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In the Journals, June 2020, Part 1

Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry

The Disenchanted Self: Anthropological Notes on Existential Distress and Ontological Insecurity Among ex-Mormons in Utah (open access)
E. Marshall Brooks

This paper describes a pervasive form of psychological distress occurring among people undergoing a sudden and acute collapse of faith in the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka LDS, or Mormon