Early Career Scholar’s Network Events at the Association for Social Sciences and Humanities in HIV (ASSHH) Paris Conference

The Association for Social Sciences and Humanities in HIV conference in Paris presents an ideal opportunity to establish an open assemblage of early career researchers and scholars connected through a shared engagement in HIV/AIDS. By coming together and forming this collective, we hope to institute a space in which to provoke and facilitate dialogue and collaboration amongst early career scholars …


African Studies Association Health Workshop – Wednesday, November 28, 12pm – 5 pm

We are pleased to announce a workshop to assist younger generations in developing critical research approaches that can be used to inform and to problematize public health research, policies, and programming in Africa. We also will use the workshop as a starting point to push the science of public health interventions in new directions, ones that are more inclusive of …


Transcriptions – Broadsheets – After AIDS 2012

Tracking AIDS Conference 2012

“Overwhelming” was the common descriptor for AIDS 2012 from delegates who I encountered, as well as those reflecting upon the conference on-line.  With 23-25,000 attendees, and between the events, constituencies, protests, networking, and the literature and other material passed out, it proved difficult to find anchors at this five-day gathering.  Despite this, there were particular ideas …


New Series on the Social Dynamics of Biomedical Prevention on Transcriptions

This article is part of the series:

In the context of a growing emphasis on biomedical approaches to HIV prevention, we are seeking contributions to a new series that aims to examine the increasing biomedicalisation of HIV prevention. We are particularly interested to include contributions on the role of social research in relation to the impacts and effectiveness of implementation of biomedical technologies. As Treatment as Prevention …


Welcome to Transcriptions!

Somatosphere is happy to announce Transcriptions, a new online forum on the critical intersections of HIV/AIDS, global health, and the social sciences. Transcriptions seeks to trace evolving developments in HIV science and global health programs; connect social scientists, scholars in the humanities, and biomedical and public health researchers; and encourage critical engagement with methodological, ethical, and philosophical questions on …


Welcome to Dialogues on Transcriptions

Engaging perspectives on global health and HIV/AIDS research from across social science, biomedicine, and related disciplines, Dialogues aims to bring scholars, researchers, authors, activists, and students into conversation with one another and with their audiences. Our aims with this forum are multiple. First, we seek to create a space in which authors can reflect in an open-ended and conversational way …

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