Mapping Algorithmic Assumptions: Reflections from a Society for Psychological Anthropology roundtable

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Fritz Kahn, Der Mensch als Industriepalast, 1926. Detail. Image in public domain

Introduction: surveil, classify and predict
by Alexa Hagerty and Livia Garofalo

The works distilled by the authors and the discussion offered by Professor Emily Martin presented here were originally part of a roundtable at the Society for Psychological Anthropology 2021 biannual meeting. They seek to map the algorithmic …

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In the Journals, April 2021, Part 2

Here’s the second part of the round-up for April. Enjoy!

Social Science & Medicine 

Help me quit smoking but don’t make me sick! The controversial effects of electronic cigarettes on tobacco smokers

Jérôme Ronchetti, Anthony Terriau

Despite its increasing use, little is known about the effect of electronic cigarette. This study estimates the impact of the use of electronic cigarettes


Wounded Attachments: Intimacy, Infrastructure, and Harm in the National Public Hospital

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The first thing you see from the highway is a massive building. The Hospital is simply enormous. In front of the Hospital plaza is a roundabout. In the center of the roundabout, a big flag of Argentina flies high: the white and light blue stripes encase the symbol of the smiling sun, moving in the wind on some days and …

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In the Journals, July Part I

Because of a COVID mix-up, this month we are reviewing articles published in April, along with our regular July entry. In April, the Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute featured a special issue on Mind and Spirit: A Comparative Theory , edited by Tanya Luhrmann. Enjoy reading.

Critical Public Health 

Disadvantaged, outnumbered, and discouraged: women’s experiences as healthy volunteers in

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In the Journals – November 2019

Here’s our November In the Journals. For the posthumanists out there, there is a special issue of Theory, Culture & Society on Transversal Posthumanities that might be of interest. Enjoy!

American Ethnologist

Be your product: On youth, multilevel marketing, and nutritional cure‐alls in Puerto Princesa, Philippines

Anita Hardon, Ian Anthony B. Davatos, Gideon Lasco

Young people in Puerto Princesa, the