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Special Issue of Biosocieties: Neurosciences beyond the laboratory

Tanja Schneider and Steve Woolgar introduce us to Neuroscience beyond the laboratory: Neuro knowledges, technologies and markets, in this special issue of Biosocieties.


Neuromarketing in the making: Enactment and reflexive entanglement in an emerging field

Tanja Schneider and Steve Woolgar

 As the neurosciences make their way beyond the laboratory, they become influential in a wide range of

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In the Journals – November 2015 Part I

Here’s comes the first round of what you’ll find ‘In the Journals’ from November. Apart from the listings below, also see the Somatosphere post on a Special Issue in Theory, Culture and Society on Transdisciplinary Problematics, which you’ll find here.


Medical Anthropology

Skillful Revelation: Local Healers, Rationalists, and Their ‘Trickery’ in Chhattisgarh, Central India

Helen Mary McDonald


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Transdisciplinary Problematics: A Special Issue of Theory, Culture and Society

The latest issue of Theory, Culture and Society offers a stellar set of offerings on the problematics of transdisciplinarity, through the lenses of philosophy, STS, feminist theory, and gender studies. Enjoy!

Problematizing Disciplinarity, Transdisciplinary Problematics

Peter Osborne

This article situates current debates about transdisciplinarity within the deeper history of academic disciplinarity, in its difference from the notions of inter- and

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The public health implications of HIV criminalization: a special issue of Critical Public Health

The latest issue of Critical Public Health features a Special Issue on HIV Criminalisation and Public Health. Guest editor Eric Mykhalovskiy outlines the public health implications of HIV criminalization: past, current, and future research directions:

While public health remains the primary site of authority for preventing HIV transmission, recent shifts in the biopolitics of HIV have heightened tensions in