Announcements, May 16 2012: Call for Research Proposals and Conference Papers


­­­­Global Development Network
The Global Development Network invites researchers from developing and transition countries to submit proposals for the 2012 Global Research Competition. The themes in 2012—which is the pilot year of this program – include Education & Gender, Food Security and Political Economic & Social Transformations. The research competition is inter-regional and multi-disciplinary. …


Announcements: Social and Political Science Pre-Conference, Washington DC 19-20 July


Social and Political Science Pre-Conference:
Ensuring a Supportive Environment for an Effective Long-Term HIV Response: Social and Political Challenges

19th – 20th July, Washington DC, US

The objectives of the Social and Political Science Pre-conference include:
–         To review research on the relationship between HIV programmes and other global health and development programmes;
–         To review research on …


Announcements on Transcriptions

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