The collaborative turn: interdisciplinarity across the human sciences

Questions of health, medicine and science have long animated sub-disciplinary attentions in the social sciences and humanities. Recently, however, research around these topics has taken a marked collaborative turn. If topics in the medical and health sciences were once straightforward objects of study for anthropological, sociological or philosophical analysis, increasingly, to work ‘on’ such topics often means also to work …


Foreign Correspondents: Call for reviewers and books to be reviewed

This article is part of the series:

Over the past few years we’ve intermittently posted in a series called “Foreign Correspondents.”  The idea behind this series is to provide a forum for recent, important works that appear in languages other than English in the social sciences and humanities of medicine, health and science. If you would like to suggest a non-English language book for review or if …


Reintroducing “Foreign Correspondents”

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We’re very pleased to reintroduce the “Foreign Correspondents” section of Somatosphere. The aim of the section is to provide contributors and readers of Somatosphere with a forum for recent, important works that appear in languages other than English – as well as announcements about conferences, journal issues, and other related projects. We proudly present the section’s first installment, a review …


CfP: History of neurosciences and social and behavioural sciences conference

Below is a second call for papers for a joint, interdisciplinary conference that looks highly interesting:

The first Joint Conference of Cheiron (The international Society for the History of the Behavioral and Social Sciences) and The International Society for the History of the Neurosciences (ISHN) will be held in Calgary / Banff (Canada). The main conference will be from June …


From Nature/Culture to Culturally-Dominated Nature: A Spring Conference Overview

A particularly packed spring conference season recently wound up for me, having attended four conferences over the course of about a month and a half. Two of these stood out for the contrast of the approaches to the human, personhood and the self and the questions they raised for the study of each. What was most interesting, was the relative …


CfP: ‘French Theory’ in circulation, AAA 2010 — deadline (28 Feb)

Foucault et al. from Paris to California and Back Again: The Creolisation of “French Theory”

In this call for papers for the 2010 AAA meetings in New Orleans (17-21 November) we seek contributions from individuals who not only draw on French theorists, but who examine the ways in which “French Theory” travels, circulates and is re-imagined. Further, we particularly welcome …