The collaborative turn: interdisciplinarity across the human sciences

Questions of health, medicine and science have long animated sub-disciplinary attentions in the social sciences and humanities. Recently, however, research around these topics has taken a marked collaborative turn. If topics in the medical and health sciences were once straightforward objects of study for anthropological, sociological or philosophical analysis, increasingly, to work ‘on’ such topics often means also to work …


Workshop announcement: Neuro-Reality Check (1-3, Dec. Berlin)

Neuro-Reality Check. Scrutinizing the ‘neuro-turn’ in the humanities and natural sciences

A Workshop at the Max-Planck-Institute for the History of Science, Berlin. 1-3 December 2011

organized by Suparna Choudhury and Max Stadler

With contributions from Nima Bassiri, Stephen Casper, Roger Cooter, Steven Fuller, Sky Gross, Clement Levallois, Melissa Littlefield, Daniel Margulies, Paul Martin and Simon Williams, Constantina Papoulias and Felicity …