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In The Journals- August 2021 Part 1

The highlights of August’s In The Journals (Pt.1) are: a Colloquy in Cultural Anthropology on “L’enfer, c’est les autres”: Proximity as an Ethical Problem during COVID-19″; a “double issue” from the Int’l Journal of Social Psychiatry in which the articles about COVID-19 are open access; and a special issue on African Cultural Psychiatry in Transcultural Psychiatry.

American Ethnologist

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Special Issue: “Public Health Activism in changing times: relocating collective agency. Part 2”

This special issue of Critical Public Health is part two of a series on “Public Health Activism in changing times: relocating collective agency.” As editors Catherine Campbell and Flora Cornish describe in part one, the papers in this issue “challenge [a] ‘one size fits all’ template for activism” by calling for “greater recognition of how the redistribution of health-related …

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In the Journals, July 2021, Part 2

Health: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Social Study of Health, Illness and Medicine 

Exploring engagement with digital screens for collecting patient feedback in clinical waiting rooms: The role of touch and place

Bie Nio Ong and Caroline Sanders

Health service settings are increasingly installing digital devices to enable people to engage digitally with multiple processes, including automated ‘check-in’, as well

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In the Journals, July 2021, Part 1

Science, Technology, & Human Values

Participation in Citizen Science: Insights from the CONECT-e Case Study

Petra Benyei, Manuel Pardo-de-Santayana, Laura Aceituno-Mata, Laura Calvet-Mir, María Carrascosa-García, Marta Rivera-Ferre, Antonio Perdomo-Molina, Victoria Reyes-García

Citizen science (CS) is growing quickly, given its potential to enhance knowledge coproduction by diverse participants, generating large and global data sets. However, uneven participation in CS is still an important concern. This work aims to

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In the Journals, June 2021, Part 2


How environments get to the skin: biosensory ethnography as a method for investigating the relation between psychosis and the city (Open Access)

Marc Winz & Ola Söderström

Epidemiological research in psychiatry has established robust evidence of the link between urban living and psychosis, but the situated experience of the city, as well as the precise ecology of psychosis remain largely unexplored.