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In the Journals, August 2020, Part 2

Social Science & Medicine

Rural gerontological health: Emergent questions for research, policy and practice

Laura I.L.Poulina, Mark W.Skinnera, NeilHanlon

This article explores what can be learned from the evolution of rural gerontology as a field of study to inform a more critical approach to the health of rural older adults. To counter the prevailing essentialism of highlighting the rural health …

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In the Journals, July 2020 (Part 3)

This post includes articles published in both April 2020 and July 2020. 

In April, Technology and Culture featured a special section on Rethinking Reproductive Technologies and Modernities in Time and Space.

Social Science and Medicine 

“Cutting out the surrogate: Caesarean sections in the Mexican surrogacy industry”

April Hovav

Childbirth practices shed light on cultural values, ideologies of gender

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In the Journals, August 2020, Part 1

Cultural Anthropology (Open Access)

Exhuming Dead Persons: Forensic Science and the Making of Post-fascist Publics in Spain (open access)

Jonah S. Rubin

Four decades after the fall of its dictator, Spain still refuses to undertake its legal and moral responsibilities to locate the disappeared. This essay examines how Spanish activists use forensic exhumations to transform the political status of Franco’s

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Special Issue: Sensing Race as a Ghost Variable in Science, Technology, and Medicine

The journal Science, Technology, and Human Values has released a special issue edited by Katrina Karkazis and Rebecca Jordan-Young that highlights the invisibility of race in different techno-scientific arenas.

Introduction: Sensing Race as a Ghost Variable in Science, Technology, and Medicine

Katrina Karkazis, Rebecca Jordan-Young

Ghost variables are variables in program languages that do not correspond to physical entities. This

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In the Journals, July 2020 (Part 2)

Critical Public Health

Hostage to Fortune: an Empirical Study of the Tobacco Industry’s Business Strategies since the Advent of e-cigarettes (open access)

Marisa de Andrade, Kathryn Angus, Gerard Hastings, Nikolina Angelova

The tobacco market has been transformed by the arrival of e-cigarettes and array of alternative nicotine delivery systems (ANDS). Public health has struggled to cope with these changes

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In the Journals, July Part I

Because of a COVID mix-up, this month we are reviewing articles published in April, along with our regular July entry. In April, the Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute featured a special issue on Mind and Spirit: A Comparative Theory , edited by Tanya Luhrmann. Enjoy reading.

Critical Public Health 

Disadvantaged, outnumbered, and discouraged: women’s experiences as healthy volunteers in