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In The Journals, March 2021, Part 1


Sportswomen as ‘biocultural creatures’: understanding embodied health experiences across sporting cultures
Holly Thorpe, Marianne Clark & Julie Brice

Over the past decade, a critical mass of feminist scholars has been working to develop new ways of understanding the complex interactions between the social and biological body. Working broadly under the umbrella of ‘new materialisms,’ a subgroup of feminist scholars

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Special Issue: “Embodied Belonging”

This special issue of Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry, edited by Dominik Mattes and Claudia Lang, proposes the notion of “embodied belonging” which engages with the “entanglements of the political, social, and affective dimensions of belonging and their effects on health, illness, and healing.”

This special issue includes two articles published in the journal’s previous issue; they are also included …

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Special Issue: “Beyond Biological Citizenship”

Critical Public Health’s first issue of the year is a special issue titled “Beyond Biological Citizenship,” edited by Marsha Rosengarten, Todd Sekuler, Beate Binder, Agata Dziuban and Peter-Paul Bänziger. These articles “offer insight into the evolving conceptions of state–citizenship relations in the complex and entangled histories of HIV/AIDS in Europe.”

Beyond biological citizenship: HIV/AIDS, health, and activism in Europe

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In the Journals, January 2021, Part 2

Some interesting themes include scientific uncertainty and methodological experimentation. Enjoy!

Health: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Social Studies of Health, Illness, and Medicine

From the Margins to Mainstream: How Providers of Autologous ‘Stem Cell Treatments’ Legitimise Their Practice in Australia (open access)

Casimir MacGregor, Alan Petersen, Megan Munsie

This article examines how Australian providers of unproven autologous