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In the Journals, September 2019

Below you may find this month’s “In the Journals” updates.

American Anthropologist

Toward an Integrated Anthropology of Infant Sleep
Helen L. Bell, Cecilia Tomori & James J. McKenna

This article provides a novel synthesis of anthropological research on infant sleep, focusing on work in biological and sociocultural anthropology in the past decade. First, we briefly review early biological anthropological research

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In The Journals, August 2019

A short round up this month. This month’s collection will be most valuable for those interested in topics such as: childbirth, immigration and health, disability and Disability Studies, and Public Health.

Health, Risk, and Society

Caesarean or vaginarean epidemics ? Techno-birth, risk and obstetric practice in Turkey (Open Access)
Sezin Topçu

Caesarean sections (C-sections) have become a substitute for vaginal

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Special Issue: The Death of the Clinic? Emerging Biotechnologies and the Reconfiguration of Mental Health

The July 2019 issue of Science, Technology & Human Values has a special issue, titled “Emerging Biotechnologies and the Reconfiguration of Mental Health”.

The Death of the Clinic? Emerging Biotechnologies and the Reconfiguration of Mental Health (open access)

Jonas Rüppel, Torsten H. Voigt

This guest editorial opens with a brief overview of the transformations of medicine and mental

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In the Journals, July 2019

This month’s articles would be of specific interest for anyone looking to read up on topics of risk and health, the politics of standardized evidence, the boundaries of science and “pseudoscience”, the politics of health and place, the expansion of online platforms in healthcare, and self-tracking technologies.

Critical Public Health

Misdirection in the Margins of Malaria Elimination Methods (open

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In the Journals, June 2019

Here are a selection of articles from June. The topics include issues of translation in social studies of medicine, access to health care, and many others.

American Anthropologist

Whose Global, Which Health? Unsettling Collaboration With Careful Equivocation (open access)

Emily Yates-Doerr

The recent push for multidisciplinary collaboration confronts anthropologists with a long‐standing ethnographic problem. The terms we have to

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In the Journals – May 2019

Here is the journal round-up for May! A very interesting batch of articles this month, including the very timely section in Cultural Anthropology on Reproductive Rights in the Age of Trump and Brexit. Also of note in Social Science & Medicine a Special Issue on Contextualizing Productive Ageing in Asia. Happy reading!

American Ethnologist

“Father released me”: Accelerating care, temporal