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Social Theory after Strathern — A Special Issue of Theory, Culture & Society

Theory, Culture & Society recently published a special issue, entitled “Social Theory after Strathern.” Along with a forward by Paul Rabinow, a wonderful introduction by co-editors Alice Street and Jacob Copeman, and an afterword by Nigel Thrift, the issue includes articles from a host of disciplines, as well as an interview with Strathern conducted by Janet Carsten. The …

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Critical Perspectives on Multispecies Ethnography — A Special Issue of Critique of Anthropology

The most recent issue of Critique of Anthropology is a special issue, entitled “Critical Perspectives on Multispecies Ethnography.” The introduction, by Alan Smart, discusses the use of “multispecies ethnography” as the designation for their enterprise, working through the implications of both words of the phrase. Along with the introduction, the five articles detailed below round out the …

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In the Journals, February 2014

The shortest month, February often seems to be shorter on new journal content, as well, falling as it does between months where biannually-, triannually-, or quarterly-publishing journal’s issues are released. However, this month saw the publication of, in addition to the work below, three (!) special issues, written up in other Somatosphere posts:

The journal Health, Risk & Society has …

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From Health Behaviours to Health Practices: Critical Perspectives — A Special Issue of Sociology of Health & Illness

The journal Sociology of Health & Illness has just published a special issue, entitled “From Health Behaviours to Health Practices: Critical Perspectives.” The articles and their abstracts are listed below:

From health behaviours to health practices: An introduction
Simon Cohn

The concept of health behaviour has become ubiquitous in health-related research and intervention studies, as well as among policymakers. Developed

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Risk, Pregnancy and Childbirth — A Special Issue of Health, Risk & Society

The current issue of Health, Risk & Society is a  special issue, entitled “Risk, Pregnancy and Childbirth.” Along with an introduction by Barbara Katz Rothman, the issue contains seven articles organized around four thematic areas. The abstracts are listed below.

Pregnancy, birth and risk: An introduction
Barbara Katz Rothman 

In this introduction, I use my nearly 40 years of work

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Structural Stigma and Population Health — A special issue of Social Science and Medicine

The current issue of Social Science and Medicine is a special issue, entitled “Structural Stigma and Population Health.” A wide-ranging issue, spanning disciplines, methodological approaches, bodily conditions, and countries, it is well worth checking out. As editors Mark Hatzenbuehler and Bruce Link write in their introduction, the issue grows out of work done by the Structural Stigma and Population …