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Growing Disability Studies – A Special Issue of Disability Studies Quarterly

Disability Studies Quarterly (DSQ) recently published a special issue examining the present state and future possibilities of disability studies.  In their introduction, “Growing Disability Studies: Politics of Access, Politics of Collaboration,” guest editors Michelle Jarman and Alison Kafer, explain:

How does one—how do we—grow a field? In developing this special issue, we invited contributors to share answers

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Humanness and Modern Psychotropy — A special issue of Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry

The current issue of Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry is largely a special issue devoted to the topic of humanness and modern psychotropy. As per the introduction, “Anthropological Engagements with Modern Psychotropy,” by Michael Oldani, Stefan Ecks, and Soumita Basu:

The conception of this special issue was partly inspired by an idea of “modern psychotropy” formulated by the

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Special issue of Clio’s Psyche on “Psychoanalytic Anthropology”

I recently edited a special issue of Clio’s Psyche on “psychoanalytic anthropology” which may be of interest to Somatosphere’s readers.  The issue contains 18 brief and accessible articles on a range of approaches in psychoanalytic anthropology as well as personal reflections from anthropologists working from a variety of psychoanalytic perspectives, including contributions from Robert LeVine, Ellen Corin, Howard Stein, and …

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Open Access — A Special Half-Issue of Cultural Anthropology

Along with its regular offering of original research articles (some of which are noted in an ‘In the Journals’ posting here), the journal Cultural Anthropology posted a special half-issue on open access publishing and its recent move to an open access format, appropriately entitled “Open Access.” As current editors Anne Allison and Charles Piot note in their …

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In the Journals, May 2014 – Part 1

Hi all, here’s the first part of this month’s roundup:


American Ethnologist

Remitting wealth, reciprocating health? The “travel” of the land from Guinea-Bissau to Portugal
Maria Abranches

Homegrown food and other products of Guinea-Bissau’s natural world offer protection and well-being to Guinean migrants in Portugal. In exploring this aspect of migration, I consider well-being in relation to both body …