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In the Journals, June 2018 (Part II of II)

Medical Humanities

Images as catalysts for meaning-making in medical pain encounters: a multidisciplinary analysis

Deborah Padfield, Helen Omand, Elena Semino, Amanda C de C Williams, Joanna M Zakrzewska

The challenge for those treating or witnessing pain is to find a way of crossing the chasm of meaning between them and the person living with pain. This paper proposes that images

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In the Journals, June 2018 (Part I of II)

Lots and lots to read this month, starting with an article by our In the Journals contributor Julia Kowalski in Political and Legal Anthropology Review:

Bureaucratizing Sensitivity: Documents and Expertise in North Indian Antiviolence Counseling

Julia Kowalski

Following transnational legal standards, India’s antidomestic violence legislation is designed to sensitize the state to gendered violence by appointing nongovernmental organizations to help

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Special Issue: Georges Canguilhem

The June 2018 issue of Transversal: International Journal for the Historiography of Science is an issue about Georges Canguilhem’s life, work and intellectual legacies. The journal is open access, and all of the articles below can be accessed here. Enjoy!

Dossier Georges Canguilhem: Introduction (open access) 
Fábio Ferreira de Almeida

[excerpt] Almost everywhere one hears people saying that …

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In The Journals, May 2018

We hope you find articles of interest in this month’s In The Journals selections. Happy reading!

American Ethnologist

Quantitative care: Caring for the aggregate in US academic population health science
Katherine E. Madison

Academic quantitative population health scientists (AQPHS) in the United States care for populations with an ostensibly apolitical set of quantitative methods. This quantitative care has three interconnected

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Special Issue: Critical perspectives on US global health partnerships in Africa and beyond

The open-access journal Medicine Anthropology Theory  has published a special collection of essays titled “Critical perspectives on US global health partnerships in Africa and beyond.” Here are the abstracts:

Introduction: Critical perspectives on US global health partnerships in Africa and beyond 
Nora Kenworthy, Lynn M. Thomas, Johanna Crane

[Excerpt] […] This issue examines the longue durée of partnerships …