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In the Journals, June 2014 – Part I


Evidence-based Activism: Patients’, Users’ and Activists’ Groups in Knowledge Society
Vololona Rabeharisoa, Tiago Moreira, and Madeleine Akrich

This article proposes the notion of ‘evidence-based activism’ to capture patients’ and health activists’ groups’ focus on knowledge production and knowledge mobilisation in the governance of health issues. It introduces empirical data and analysis on groups active in four countries (France, Ireland,

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Growing Disability Studies – A Special Issue of Disability Studies Quarterly

Disability Studies Quarterly (DSQ) recently published a special issue examining the present state and future possibilities of disability studies.  In their introduction, “Growing Disability Studies: Politics of Access, Politics of Collaboration,” guest editors Michelle Jarman and Alison Kafer, explain:

How does one—how do we—grow a field? In developing this special issue, we invited contributors to share answers

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Humanness and Modern Psychotropy — A special issue of Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry

The current issue of Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry is largely a special issue devoted to the topic of humanness and modern psychotropy. As per the introduction, “Anthropological Engagements with Modern Psychotropy,” by Michael Oldani, Stefan Ecks, and Soumita Basu:

The conception of this special issue was partly inspired by an idea of “modern psychotropy” formulated by the

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Special issue of Clio’s Psyche on “Psychoanalytic Anthropology”

I recently edited a special issue of Clio’s Psyche on “psychoanalytic anthropology” which may be of interest to Somatosphere’s readers.  The issue contains 18 brief and accessible articles on a range of approaches in psychoanalytic anthropology as well as personal reflections from anthropologists working from a variety of psychoanalytic perspectives, including contributions from Robert LeVine, Ellen Corin, Howard Stein, and …

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Open Access — A Special Half-Issue of Cultural Anthropology

Along with its regular offering of original research articles (some of which are noted in an ‘In the Journals’ posting here), the journal Cultural Anthropology posted a special half-issue on open access publishing and its recent move to an open access format, appropriately entitled “Open Access.” As current editors Anne Allison and Charles Piot note in their …