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Loneliness: a special issue of Transcultural Psychiatry

The October 2020 issue of Transcultural Psychiatry addresses the concept of loneliness anthropologically. As the special issue editors state in their introduction:

“In recent years, loneliness has been increasingly recognized as a social issue, a public health concern, and even a global epidemic. […] The feeling of being lonely, of being left behind, and the fear of abandonment and social

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In the Journals – October 2020, Pt. 2

Social Studies of Science

Who’s afraid of Ebola? Epidemic fires and locative fears in the Information Age (OA)

Wesley Shrum, John Aggrey, Andre Campos, Janaina Pamplona da Costa, Jan Joseph, Pablo Kreimer, Rhiannon Kroeger, Leandro Rodriguez Medina

Epidemics have traditionally been viewed as the widespread occurrence of infectious disease within a community, or a sudden increase above what is typical. …

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In the Journals, October 2020, Part I

Annual Review of Anthropology

Beyond the Household: Caribbean Families and Biocultural Models of Alloparenting
Robin G. Nelson

Alloparental or extramaternal care is an integral aspect of human childrearing. This behavior has been explored both as an extension of the primary mother–infant dyad that evolved to meet the demands of altricial offspring and as an economic exchange of energy and resources.

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Special Issue: Doing the individual and the collective in forensic genetics: governance, race and restitution

BioSocieties has a new open-access special issue titled, “Doing the individual and the collective in forensic genetics: governance, race and restitution.” Edited by Amade M’charek and Peter Wade, this collection takes race as a central concern and traces “the kind of work that forensic genetics is made to do; the kind of (legal, political, societal) infrastructures necessary …

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Special Issue: Chronic Disaster: Reimagining Noncommunicable Chronic Disease

American Anthropologist has a new open-access Vital Topics Forum titled, Chronic Disaster: Reimagining Noncommunicable Chronic Disease. Edited by Alyshia Gálvez, Megan Carney, and Emily Yates-Doerr, this special issue presents a collection of essays that “revisit the question of how to both conceptualize chronic disease and theorize violence and its structures.”

Critical Perspectives on the Microbiome
Megan A. Carney

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In the Journals, September 2020, Part 2

Anthropology & Medicine

What drives distress? Rethinking the roles of emotion and diagnosis among people with diabetes in Nairobi, Kenya
Emily Mendenhall, Abednego Musau, Edna Bosire, Victoria Musito, David Ndetei, Melanie Rock

Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a condition that both results from and produces social and psychological suffering. As ‘diabetes’ increases among low income patients in poorer nations, new