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In the Journals, June 2020, Part 2

American Anthropologist (Open Access)

Machine Sky: Social and Terrestrial Engineering in a Chinese Weather System
Jerry C. Zee

This article explores Chinese environmental politics as a complex strategy for engineering weather and climate at national and then planetary scales. It argues that in times of meteorological insecurity, we can explore diverse sites in China’s state environmental political apparatus as attempts …

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In the Journals, June 2020, Part 1

Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry

The Disenchanted Self: Anthropological Notes on Existential Distress and Ontological Insecurity Among ex-Mormons in Utah (open access)
E. Marshall Brooks

This paper describes a pervasive form of psychological distress occurring among people undergoing a sudden and acute collapse of faith in the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka LDS, or Mormon

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In the Journals, May 2020, Part 2

Health, Risk & Society

Risk and preventing perinatal HIV transmission: uncovering the social organisation of prenatal care for women living with HIV in Ontario, Canada Allyson Ion , Saara Greene , Christina Sinding  & Daniel Grace

This paper presents an institutional ethnography that explored how risk discourse organised the experiences of pregnant women living with HIV and was reproduced in

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In the Journals, May 2020, Part I

Anthropology & Medicine

Contested legitimacy for anthropologists involved in medical humanitarian action: experiences from the 2014-2016 West Africa Ebola epidemic (open access)
Shelley Lees, Jennifer Palmer, Fanny Procureur, and Karl Blanchet

The growing involvement of anthropologists in medical humanitarian response efforts has laid bare the moral and ethical consequences that emerge from humanitarian action. Anthropologists are well placed

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Special Issue: Alzheimer’s Disease as Post-genomic Science

New Genetics & Society has released an open-access special issue titled, “Alzheimer’s disease as post-genomic science.” Edited by Richard Milne and Joanna Latimer, this special issue aims to unpack the “problematic relationship between the bench and the bedside.”

Alzheimer’s disease and the development of a post-genomic science (open access)
Richard Milne, Joanna Latimer

Alzheimer’s disease has been a

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In the Journals, March 2020, Part 2

Medical Anthropology Quarterly

Corporate Logic in Clinical Care: The Case of Diabetes Management
Linda M. Hunt, Hannah S. Bell, Anna C. Martinez‐Hume, Funmi Odumosu, Heather A. Howard

As large corporations come to dominate U.S. health care, clinical medicine is increasingly market‐driven and governed by business principles. We examine ways in which health insurers and health care systems are transforming the