The Culture, Mind and Brain Conference and Tanya Luhrmann on “Hearing Voices in Accra and Chennai”

This past Friday and Saturday the Foundation for Psychocultural Research held its Fifth interdisciplinary conference on Culture, Mind and Brain: Emerging Concepts, Methods, Applications.  I’m sad to have missed it, as it was clearly a very exciting event, bringing together key researchers from neuroscience, biocultural anthropology, cultural psychology, behavioral biology and other disciplines to discuss — in very concrete …


Ian Hacking – “The New Me: What Biotechnology may do to Personal Identity”

I recently came across a video of a relatively recent lecture which Ian Hacking gave at Huron University College, entitled, “The New Me: What Biotechnology may do to Personal Identity.”  The short (15 min) talk — embedded below — reprises many of the issues Hacking has been dealing with for the past several years (e.g.”Ian Hacking on commercial genome-reading


Welcome to Dialogues on Transcriptions

Engaging perspectives on global health and HIV/AIDS research from across social science, biomedicine, and related disciplines, Dialogues aims to bring scholars, researchers, authors, activists, and students into conversation with one another and with their audiences. Our aims with this forum are multiple. First, we seek to create a space in which authors can reflect in an open-ended and conversational way …


Didier Fassin on Resentment and Ressentiment

Professor Didier Fassin delivered the Roger Allan Moore Lecture on Friday, February 3, 2012 at the Department of Global Health & Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School.

In this lecture, titled, “On Resentment and Ressentiment,” Didier Fassin discusses the differences between the concepts of resentment and ressentiment, specifically as formulated by Jean Améry and the implications of that distinction in …


Videos from "Science and Technology Studies: the Next 20 Years"

This past April Harvard’s Program on Science, Technology and Society hosted a conference “reflecting on the past twenty years of STS graduate study, and looking ahead to the next twenty.”  As the organizers explained in the meeting abstract:

“The meeting is in part a stock-taking. After two decades of increased
public funding for STS, what can we say about


Talking Brains: Problems and Perspectives of the Neurosciences

The lectures from yet another conference on neuroscience/culture are available online.  The conference “Talking Brains: Problems and Perspectives of the Neurosciences,” took place on December 3 and 4, 2010 at the Einstein Forum in Potsdam.  Below I reproduce the titles and abstracts of the talks, along with links to the audio recordings.  To hear the talks, press the …