The ethnographic case: series conclusion
by Emily Yates-Doerr
Fixing things, moving stories
by Jenna Grant
Extractivism, Refusals, and the Mining of Failure
by Teresa Velasquez
Earthly togetherness: making a case for living with worms
by Filippo Bertoni
The discernment of knowledge: sexualized violence in the Mennonite church
by Stephanie Krehbiel
Three Millimeters
by Christine Labuski
Filming sex/gender: the ethics of (mis)representation
by Anna Wilking
Making Cases for a Technological Fix: Germany’s Energy Transition and the Green Good Life
by Jennifer Carlson
The Enclosed Case
by Elizabeth Lewis
Ethnographic case, legal case: From the spirit of the law to the law of the spirit
by André Menard and Constanza Tizzoni
From fish lives to fish law: learning to see Indigenous legal orders in Canada
by Zoe Todd
The Case of the Cake: Dilemmas of Giving and Taking
by Rima Praspaliauskiene
Traveling within the Case
by Atsuro Morita
A polygraphic casebook
by Susan Reynolds Whyte
What is a Family? Refugee DNA and the Possible Truths of Kinship
by Carole McGranahan
Swamp Dialogues: Filming Ethnography
by Ildikó Zonga Plájás
Crossing Boundaries: Making Sense with the Sense-able
by Christy Spackman
Waiting in the face of bare life
by Aaron Ansell
Making a Case for Reducing Pollution in China, or The Case of the Ugly Sperm
by Janelle Lamoreaux
Case by case
by Jason Danely
Normalizing Sexually Violated Bodies: Sexual Assault Adjudication, Medical Evidence, and the Legal Case
by Sameena Mulla
What’s in a name?
by Ruth Goldstein
“He didn’t blow us up”—routine violence and non-event as case
by Ken MacLeish
Facial Paralysis: Somaticizing Frustration in Guatemala
by Nicholas Copeland
No Judgments: Fieldwork on the Spectrum
by Faye Ginsburg and Rayna Rapp
Encased: Plotting Attentions through Distraction
by Melissa Biggs and John Bodinger de Uriarte
Autophony: Listening to your eyes move
by Anna Harris
Exemplary: The case of the farmer and the turpentine
by Annemarie Mol
The bookCASE: Introduction
by Emily Yates-Doerr and Christine Labuski

To pay homage to the traditional ethnographic monograph, the pieces will be collected in an expanding bookCASE. The virtual format of this bookCASE makes evident that changes are underway in the practice of ethnography. Clicking the cases may link to straight-forward text, but you may also find yourself amidst audio or video files, photographs, artwork, and more.

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