The social life of PrEP in Kenya

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I have perhaps an unpopular position to declare: Although pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is an enormous biomedical breakthrough in the prevention of HIV, it also symbolizes much of what is wrong in current global health practice.

Since 2013, I have been working on HIV prevention research in Kenya, which, as pointed out in this series introduction, has the second highest …

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Special Issue: The Death of the Clinic? Emerging Biotechnologies and the Reconfiguration of Mental Health

The July 2019 issue of Science, Technology & Human Values has a special issue, titled “Emerging Biotechnologies and the Reconfiguration of Mental Health”.

The Death of the Clinic? Emerging Biotechnologies and the Reconfiguration of Mental Health (open access)

Jonas Rüppel, Torsten H. Voigt

This guest editorial opens with a brief overview of the transformations of medicine and mental


(Dis)continuities in cancer care: An ethnographic approximation to practices of disease stratification


Disease stratification practices have long been used as a means to produce and make sense of  cancer, distinguishing ‘types’, tumour development stages, and even patients’ sociodemographic profiles. However, interest in stratification; that is, the process of dividing oncology populations into clinically meaningful subtypes, has been re-invigorated by two recent developments in medicine and healthcare. First, an increased awareness of …

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In the Journals, July 2019

This month’s articles would be of specific interest for anyone looking to read up on topics of risk and health, the politics of standardized evidence, the boundaries of science and “pseudoscience”, the politics of health and place, the expansion of online platforms in healthcare, and self-tracking technologies.

Critical Public Health

Misdirection in the Margins of Malaria Elimination Methods (open


How do you do interdisciplinarity?

The AusSTS Interdisciplinary workshop took place at Deakin University, in Melbourne, Australia from the 3rd to the 5th of July 2019.

The workshop quite literally started with a confession of the feeling of insecurity that surfaces when you step into an interdisciplinary setting. Cordelia Fine, opening Keynote of the 3-day workshop, began her lecture ‘50 Shades of Grey …


Jennifer Reich’s Calling the Shots Why Parents Reject Vaccines

Calling the Shots: Why Parents Reject Vaccines

Jennifer Reich

NYU Press, 2016. 336 pages.

A timely intervention into recent anti-vaccination controversies, Jennifer Reich’s Calling the Shots unpacks the logics behind vaccine refusal through interviews and ethnographic studies of parents who refuse vaccinations. Eschewing the reductive stereotyping and dismissive condescension that vaccination proponents like Paul Offit have tended take, Reich adopts …