“Zero infections. Zero deaths. Zero stigma.”

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The UNAIDS mission of “Getting to Zero” is supported by three key goals: “Zero infections. Zero deaths. Zero stigma.” By taking up this mission, the San Francisco Department of Public Health (DPH) increased its dedication to ending the epidemic. DPH aims to realize these goals by expanding access to PrEP, ensuring RAPID (Rapid ART Program for HIV Diagnoses) linkage to …

In the Journals

In the Journals – May 2019

Here is the journal round-up for May! A very interesting batch of articles this month, including the very timely section in Cultural Anthropology on Reproductive Rights in the Age of Trump and Brexit. Also of note in Social Science & Medicine a Special Issue on Contextualizing Productive Ageing in Asia. Happy reading!

American Ethnologist

“Father released me”: Accelerating care, temporal


The limits of medical heroism: reflections on Getting to Zero

Getting to Zero: A Doctor and a Diplomat on the Ebola Frontline

By Sinead Walsh and Oliver Johnson

Zed Books, 2018. 352 pages.

It is midnight and my five-month-old son, who has been sick with diarrhea for two days, is finally breathing evenly beside me. I should be sleeping. Instead, I am fretting, turning over  the intimate logics of medical responses to …

Web Roundups

Web Roundup: It’s Alive! Not! Well, Maybe? Brain Death and BrainEx 

Four hours after slaughter, 32 pig brains in a BrainEx system were busy metabolizing, showing signs of life, if not consciousness, despite their bodily separation. The pig brains were part of an experiment conducted by a neuroscience lab at Yale University with first author contributions by Zvonimir Vrselja and Stefano G. Daniele. According to the findings published in …

In the Journals

In the Journals April 2019

Many thought-provoking items in the journals this month, from interesting articles, to two photo essay in Medicine Anthropology Theory. Enjoy!

Current Anthropology

Struggling to Be a “Happy Self”? Psychotherapy and the Medicalization of Unhappiness in Uganda

Julia Vorhölter

This article is an ethnographic study of emergent discourses, practices, and institutions focused on mental health and psychotherapy in Uganda. It compares


Autism in Translation: An Intercultural Conversation on Autism Spectrum Conditions (Eds. Elizabeth Fein and Clarice Rios)

Autism in Translation: An Intercultural Conversation on Autism Spectrum Conditions

Edited by Elizabeth Fein and Clarice Rios

Palgrave Macmillan, 2018. 304 pages.

Autism in Translation: An Intercultural Conversation on Autism Spectrum Conditions—an edited collection out of the Society of Psychological Anthropology’s (SPA) Culture, Mind and Society series—aims to contextualize the different social and political histories of, treatments for, and …