Epistemological frameworks and the ‘feminization’ of the HIV/AIDS pandemic

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The Social Science Research Council (SSRC) recently set up a new blog site called “The Fourth Wave: Violence, Gender, Culture & HIV in the 21st Century.” The site is a counterpart to a forthcoming book edited by Jennifer F. Klot and Vinh-Kim Nguyen, and it makes the chapters of that book publicly-available free-of-charge. In addition to pdf …


Special issue of Social Theory and Health on HIV/AIDS

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The latest issue of Social Theory and Health is devoted to HIV/AIDS. Here’s an excerpt from guest editors Eric Mykhalovskiy and Marsha Rosengarten’s introduction to the issue:

“As HIV/AIDS nears three decades of response and intervention, theoretically engaged scholarly commentary on the topic is on the wane. We make that judgment with care, wary of the dangers of nostalgia and


Podcasts of SfAA conference session on HIV

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The Society for Applied Anthropology has begun posting podcasts of selected sessions from the 2009 conference; they include one which may be of particular interest to our readers: “Studies of HIV and STIs in the Western Hemisphere.” The session is divided into two parts, available here and here.

Here’s the abstract for the session:

Patient Narratives on


Robert Thornton’s Unimagined Community and other imaginings

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Unimagined Community: Sex, Networks, and AIDS in Uganda and South Africa. Robert J. Thornton.
University of California Press, 2008.

On the morning of November 5th, I dragged myself to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in a state of exhausted euphoria. One of my colleagues had asked during the first week of term if I wouldn’t mind examining …