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Web Roundup: Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

Malcolm Gladwell’s New Yorker article, “Man and Superman,” on genetics and performance in sport kicks off this month’s web roundup, where we ask the questions: Who is a superman (or superwoman)? How do we even go about defining the characteristics of a superman?  How might we account for subjectivities in the search for superman?

Gladwell cites an array of genetic …


Book review – Rachel Prentice’s Bodies in Formation

Bodies in Formation: An Ethnography of Anatomy and Surgery Education

By Rachel Prentice

Duke University Press, 2012

312 pp., US$24.95 paperback


The relationship between medicine and technology is long well established; indeed, the interconnectedness of the two worlds has shaped scientific knowledge and practice for centuries. Particularly in the realm of surgery, the inextricability of technology from medical practice …

Web Roundups

Broadsheets: Run-Up to the 2012 AIDS Conference

Broadsheets will keep track of and report on the International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2012) in Washington D.C. between July 22-27.  Reports will rely upon the chatter around the venue, and circulating news in social and popular on-line media. We will specifically pay attention to the presence of the organizations whose websites we have been tracking.

Starting with them, tracked sites …

Web Roundups

Transcriptions – Broadsheets – June 2012

Welcome to the second Broadsheets “Cut and Clip,” covering news made between mid-May and mid-June, 2012.

Topics covered in the first posting were arranged under the headings: (1) treatment liberalization; (2) HIV and Health Systems Strengthening; (3) HIV and the Law; (4) Counting – Targets and Funding; (5) Pragmatics of Access; (6) Synergies; (7) Some National HIV-Related Initiatives Making Headlines;

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Educational Video Database on Genetic/Reproductive Technologies & Social Issues

While a wealth of literature exists on emerging reproductive and genetic technologies, usable educational resources in other mediums are few and far between.  A new series of videos helps to fill this lacuna, providing engaging, accessible and thought-provoking commentary on the human aspects of biotechnology, science, and medical practice.

The videos feature commentary, remarks, and reflections from over 50 esteemed …


Ian Hacking – “The New Me: What Biotechnology may do to Personal Identity”

I recently came across a video of a relatively recent lecture which Ian Hacking gave at Huron University College, entitled, “The New Me: What Biotechnology may do to Personal Identity.”  The short (15 min) talk — embedded below — reprises many of the issues Hacking has been dealing with for the past several years (e.g.”Ian Hacking on commercial genome-reading